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Marko Tadic

Marko Tadic is a Croatian artist from the young generation who works with animation, film and drawing. "Borne by the Birds" is his experimental film created on old, long-time collected and carefully selected postcards, where we follow the journey of a man four centuries old. The film explores timeless themes and ideas that have always been in the focus of people's reflections - such as mortality, i.e. immortality.

Ivan Marusic Klif

Ivan Marusic Klif is a Croatian multimedia artist working mainly in the field of interactive installations, robotics and interactive videos. In his latest project of performative character, "Between Frequencies 2", installed at the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, the focal point of his interest is the process of creating an art event in which he employs visual, lighting and sound effects produced by "primitive" technology as part of a computer-controlled system consisting of video projectors, movable cameras and wobulators.

Recostruction by Igor Eškinja

Reconstruction is actually a spatial installation that follows the idea that the first intervention in space actually defines our perception, and that our eyes and our experience of space and of the things in it, depend on how things are set up. In this video, the artist Igor Eškinja and the curator of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in Rijeka, are interviewed.


In the Spajalica Art Project's repertoire there are many events, workshops, lectures and public events. The idea of the artist Luiza Margan is to help people to see Rijeka from another perspective: with the help of firemen, citizens can be lifted up to a height of 21 metres, to see up close the statue on top of the Liberation Monument on the Delta in Rijeka, by Vinco Matkovic. Nina Rukavina, on the other hand, revived the neglected space of Sušak. In this video there are interviews with citizens, students, artists and with the curator of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Ksenija Orelj.


Dunja Jankovic, the creator of the Škver Art Project, presents it as a "multimedia, social sculpture", and based on the work process. In fact, it is located in a shipyard in the small island of Lošinj, and with the years the employees have always been more involved in the Project's works of experimental art. Besides Dunja Jankovic, other artists such as Goran Škofic, Marijan Crtalic and Mario Kolaric have been interviewed.

Fokus grupa

Fokus Grupa is an art collective formed in 2012 by Iva Kova? and Elvis Krstulovi?. They have created a multimedia installation, curated by Irena Bori? of the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia. In this video, the artists and the curator involved are interviewed, talking about their practices.

Martina Nevistic

Martina Nevistic is a young dancer, choreographer and educator who presented her own new original project, "Luna Malekova", at the fifth Perforations Festival in Zagreb. Through the character of Luna, who is actually the author's alter ego, she takes us into a world of imagination and dreams and once again examines the relationship between the dancer and the audience.

Goran Skofic

Goran Skofic is a young multimedia artist from Croatia who, reaching for modern technologies such as video and installation, addresses the problems of contemporary men in an unobtrusive way, while using his own body as a means to prompt the audience to contemplate. In addition to the body, Skofic is also intrigued by spaces which, as he says, always fascinate and inspire him.

Sisak Iron and Steel Plant

Marijan Crtali?is an academy-trained painter from Sisak: his central point of interest since 2007 has been his home town's iron and steel plant. Marijan Crtali? has drawn the attention of the public and somehow managed to preserve the artistic cultural heritage, by collecting the archived documentation of what was once a successful iron and steel plant which hosted art colonies, by photographing its current state after privatization took place in the 90s of the last century and by putting on memorable performances. He is one of the few socially engaged Croatian artists who uses art as a means to achieve a goal.

Zdravko Milic

Inspired by the Z. Sitchin's book "The Twelfth Planet" and D. Icke's conspiracy theories, Zdravko Milic, a painter from Labin, constructs his specific art world which he sets not only on canvas, but also in wooden boxes that were once used for storing watches. Concerned with the idea of the origin of mankind, he doesn't offer answers about the origin of Earth's first civilization but rather raises a number of questions, prompting the audience to contemplate.

Goran Štimac

What is beautiful? What is ugly? How is an artwork created? These are just some of the questions raised by Goran Štimac in this video called "Visual Contemplations". The academy trained sculptor (and a painter as well) here seeks the answers through the explorations that he carries out (among other things) along with his students at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

Nikola Vrljic

The young Croatian sculptor Nikola Vrljic welcomes us into his workshop. There, he explains how his figurative sculptures are made. He also reveals interesting details about his own life and his contemplations about art.

Maja Frankovic

The art historian Branko Franceschi reveals the characteristics of the work of Maja S. Frankovic, who is a member of the Rijeka Graphics School. The Croatian TV crew was introduced to the process of creating graphics at her workshop In Brsec. Her artworks are characterized by vivid colours and gestures.

Goranska Sculpture Workshop

The Croatian mountainous region of Gorski Kotar has been sort of an outdoor gallery for 35 years now. Every summer, Gorski Kotar hosts the Goranska Sculpture Workshop which has brought together more than 80 renowned sculptors so far, who made a total of 85 wooden sculptures. This year's workshop participants, Tomo Geri? and Krešimir Rod, gave their own contribution through their work.

Siniša Majkus

Siniša Majkus is a Croatian sculptor from Matulji who uses metal wire in his work, bending it to form spirals. The origin of his artwork can be found in drawing, however, and his sculptures can be best described as spatial drawings. Transparent, coloured, diverse in dimensions and volume, they fit well into any space: galleries, outdoor spaces, even at the bottom of the sea where the author once exhibited them. As the author points out, the sculptures present a paradoxical situation of space that can be interpreted in several ways. They leave an impression of a twinkling, dynamic space while giving the spectator a sense of virtual movement through the actual art piece.

Vlasta Delimar

Vlasta Delimar is one of the most famous representatives of performance and body art, and the first woman in Croatia to use her bare body for the purposes of art. The controversial artist derives inspiration for her 35-year-old work from her autobiography, while she may be best known to the public as Lady Godiva, riding a horse naked through the streets of Zagreb.


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The video shows the artistic and partly personal life of the conceptual artist Tomislav Brajnovi? who reveals his thoughts on art, moral, ethic and other values that are important for every artist. This artist of the middle generation - when he is not travelling around the world - works and creates art in his unusual studio at GoloBrdo near Rovinj.


It all started with comic books back in his high school days, but the drawing has always remained the primary medium of attention for Saša Jantolek. Jantolek, who only recently dedicated himself completely to artistic work (installations, paintings, illustrations ...), is known to the public for his colorful installations made of driftwood and wire, which present a mixture of different styles and techniques resembling children's creations. In 2014 Jantolek accepted another artistic challenge in the form of creating theatre puppets and scenery for the play Doctor Dolittle, staged by Rijeka City Puppet Theater.


The multimedia festival Op Art was held during October 2014 in several locations in Opatija, from public to gallery spaces. With their choice of art tourism as the main subject of the exhibition, the organizers sought to raise awareness about the possibilities of combining art, especially modern artistic forms, with tourism. The event, which could be described as a street art festival, brought together numerous artists, mainly from the younger generation, who have revealed, with their performances and installations, an entirely new face of Opatija which is known as the Croatian capital of tourism, as a city open for interaction with its citizens, visitors and audience.


Although she is a graduated sculptor, holding a degree from a Venetian University, Nika Rukavina, an artist from Rijeka, is primarily interested in performance and multimedia art. Do not put your cross on me, Lost in transition, Purify your emotions and The unstoppable desire of having are some of the performances in which the artist addresses current social issues.


Mitar is a young, award-winning painter from Rijeka whose work is characterized by a combination of brush painting and spraying technique. He approaches the aspect of figuration in painting, i.e. the notion of painting as a medium, in a completely new way. In his Before the Leap series the artist focuses on the concept of sleep, i.e. the aspect of projection of our own consciousness and subconscious that remains a mystery to all of us.


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