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Jovana Vujanovic

A day with the Montenegrin artist from the younger generation who will participate at the "Art in Port" exhibition: Jovana Vujanovic. The artist explains her work and lets us visit her studio and living space, presenting selected works, locations and important content she cares about.

Marko Markovic

A day with the Montenegrin artist Marko Markovi?, middle generation painter from Podgorica. Marko tells us about his watercolour paintings and digital illustrations as well as those things that inspire him and have that special something.

Brigita Antoni

A day with the Montenegrin artist from the younger generation: Brigita Antoni. We visited Ulcinj, a town on the Montenegrin coast, where Brigita Antoni lives. We visited the places that played an important role in Brigita’s childhood and for the formation of what she is working on today. We discovered the starting points for her selected works, the periods of her life that were crucial for her artwork, and where she gets inspiration from.

Teodora Nikcevic

A day with the Montenegrin artist of the younger generation: Teodora Nikcevic. In the video, the artist gives an account of her life-long passion of photography, and how it developed from familiar environments and her studies, to the experimental approach and installations.

Vlatka Vujoševic

We attended the opening of the exhibition THIS LIFE by Vlatka Vujoševic, a visual artist from the younger Montenegrin generation. We talked to her about the concept, the reflections and the stories that the exhibition brings back to mind. In this video, Mirjana Dabovic explained her views from the perspective of the Art historian and curator of the exhibition.

Aleksandar Vukotic

The artist traces the main steps of its production, from the works done at the end of his academic training to the latest research that places him among the most interesting leading young Albanian artists.

Siniša Radulovic

A day with the Montenegrin artist of the younger generation: Sinisa Radulovic. We visited Sinisa's studio in Podgorica, where we talked about the starting points of his work, and the inspiration behind his works.

Town Writing

The subject of this video is the focus of this year's "Town Writing" project: the walls of Kotor, with a review of their history in the context of their contemporary function. The ramparts are a desired space fantasy that may awaken specific events or provide spots to see the town: the inspiration for the art calendar for 2015.

Breviary of Remembrance

We talked with Ljiljana Karadzic, the curator of the exhibition "Breviary of Remembrance", on the subject of its concept: it was conceived as a dialogue between the artists and the space of the Bishop's Palace in Old Bar. The Palace was occupied for centuries and is densely interwoven with layers of official history and small, private stories and memories. It has long lost its original purpose and was reduced to a monument which, to the interested eye of the beholder, offers a number of fantastic and imaginative aspects.


We talked to the artist Ivana Smiljanic about her INVISIBLE exhibition, consisting in ambient artwork made up of wall drawings and audio recordings. With these works, she examines and questions the experiences, phenomena and problems faced as a woman, artist and citizen. She also speaks about the workshop dedicated to Art on the subject of gender awareness. The workshop was made with local female artists.


The TV Crew talked with Natasa Nikcevic, the curator of the exhibition named "Light" which took place in Montenegro. It has to do with the subject of her concept and involves the works of Vesko Gagovi?, Roman Duranovic, Nada Kažic, Teodora Nikcevic, Sinisa Radulovic and Jovana Vujanovic.

Coexistence part I

In this Art News piece, the TV Crew Montenegro visited the opening of the COEXISTENCE exhibition that took place in early September in Cetinje, Montenegro. There they talked about the concept, the meaning and the significance of the exhibition for the Region.

Herceg Novi Comic Book Festival

We have presented one of the most important comic book festivals in the former Yugoslavia, which brings together international authors from the world of comics and presents them through the exhibitions, public drawing sessions and lectures.

Adrijana Gvozdenovic

A day with the Montenegrin artist from the younger generation: Adrijana Gvozdenovic. Young contemporary artist from Podgorica, currently residing in Antwerp, Belgium tells us about the works she has created in recent years.

Coexistence part II

The TV Crew Montenegro talked to artists, coming from countries participating in the COEXISTENCE exhibition, about their work and contribution to the exhibition and to curators, on the subject of the concept and importance of the exhibition itself.

Marina Kuveljic

In an interview with the artist Marina Kuveljic and a curator of the Contemporary Art Center of Montenegro, Ljiljana Karadzic, we talked about Marina's work called CONTINUA. Ljiljana presented the work from the perspective of an art historian, analyzing its segments and talking about the philosophy of the work itself, while Marina talked about the internal need to perform CONTINUA in a place such as Perjanicki dom, which is the chamber gallery of the Contemporary Art Centre.

The Blind Theatre play premiere

A brief summary of the making of, and of the premiere of the theatre show "The Blind", written by Maurice Maeterlinck, and directed by Zeljko Sosic. The play "The Blind" explores the possibilities of theatrical expression: professional actors can be seen here in a common cooperation with members of "Homer", an organization of actors with impaired vision, who created a wondrous and disturbing world based on Maeterlinck's drama.


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Biennal of Montenegrin Theatre

The Montenegrin TV Crew visited the Montenegrin Theater Biennale which is organized biannually by the Montenegrin National Theatre. Actors, directors and theatre workers share thoughts about the Biennale theatre and plays.

Igor Rakcevic, Studio visit

The TV Crew Montenegro visited the artist Igor Rakcevic in his studio in Podgorica. Igor talks about his early works, technique and ideas that lead him to artistic creation.

Irena Lagator, Photo Works

Artist Irena Lagator talks about works made through photography. She explains where and how she decided to make certain works and how she connects them with the themes she treats within her artistic expression.

Ivana Radovanovic, Hollow Man

In the pavilion of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro in Podgorica, we talk to the artist Ivana Radovanovic about her sculpture exhibition “hollow man”. She introduces us to the process of creating these works, talks about the materials and the complexity that follows the making of these sculptured-installations.


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