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Short movies on Sky Art

Sky Art HD will transmit the short movies produced by Apulia Film Commission within the IPA project “arTVision. A live art channel” and dedicated to Claudia Giannuli, Michele Giangrande and Pierpaolo Miccolis, the three artists selected by the Pino Pascali Foundation, partners of the European project. The titles of the movies are: "Odyssey Dandy" by Giuseppe Tandoi, "Contro Natura" by Alessandro Piva and "Le pareti di vetro" by Vito Palmieri; the films will be broadcasted on the thematic channel Sky Art HD from Monday, April 18 for three consecutive Mondays, at 7.45 p.m.

ArTVision-Art Affluence / Croatia

ArTVision short movies were screened in Art-kino Croatia (Rijeka, Krešimirova 2), on 20th of January 2016.

Gianni Leone

Gianni Leone’s photographic research is focused on a personal study of the photography of an interior landscape. It is relate to the documentation of the real landscape connected to the private memory with a critic research on the image language. It has to do with a 30 years of travels, often returns, told with black and white photograph and then, from 1994 in colour.

Francesco Schiavulli

A short documentary about Francesco Schiavulli. The artist takes us into his artistic and everyday life by showing us how and where he works and telling us about the story of many of his artworks.

Miki Carone

A day with the artist: "Miki Carone". The natural element, the mediterranean sea, the arabic tales, the comics hero are always present in Carone's artwork. Through his own words, Miki Carone explains the developments of his poetics.

Tajci Cekada

Art should be sincere and not fashionable, and every artist should follow his first instinct. It is the position of the croatian artist Taj?i ?ekada who began her career in avant-garde fashion design. She often uses a video performance form in work. Some of the topics she dealt with are death,coldness,animals, fantastic creatures and fantastic worlds.

ŽERAVICA 3: THE MYSTYC (3ple Tunnel)

The multimedia exhibition Zeravica 3: The Mystyc (3ple tunnel) which is comprised of works created in traditional media, such as paintings, drawings and photographs, through installations, videos and performances, web art, etc., represents the continuation of multiannual art project that took place at the Museum of Djurdjevac city in 2015. The basic idea behind the project is a kind of an independence and resistance to generally imposed forms and rules of functioning in the art world which often hinder creativity. Bringing distinguished Croatian artists together with their guests from abroad represents a platform for contemplation about the relationship between content and form, with an emphasis on the positive inter-personal communication.

Vlast tijela (GOVERNMENT / BODY)

The exhibition of Damir Stojnic explores the subject of fear of authority and fear of losing the identity, i.e. the subject of death and transience. The ever-interesting subject of Dance Macabre prompted the merger of well-established artists, even those who are long considered classics, represented in the collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka with authors who have just graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka (Dorotea Smrkinic, Silvana Vodnica Filicic and Dino Topolnjak) and highlights the autism and compulsion of human history that create an illusion of cyclicity of time, says the author of the exhibition.



Vrbnik May day

The town of Vrbnik on the island of Krk is an interesting destination for many artists and curators who have been gathering here on Workers day every year. Casual friendly gatherings and discussions about art resulted in the initiation of a new project, an international festival called Vrbnik May Day Assembly, which brought together about a dozen of artists from Croatia and its' neighboring countries. Although the emphasis was on Workers Day in designing the project, the starting point for the selection of works of art was dictated by the specificity of the place itself. Thus, art works are exhibited both in public and private spaces, from restaurants, butchery, tourist agency as well as throughout the streets and squares.

Željko Jancic Zec

Zeljko Jancic Zec is a multimedia artist, painter, choreographer and theater director. He begun his artistic work in early 90es. He often contemplates the issue of social values and his projects, such as the Blind through Life, are motivated by the lack of empathy, excessive materialism, consumerism, i.e. the decline of moral values the artist notices in modern society.

Damir Stojnic

Ignisograms or drawings of fire present a trademark expression of the Croatian artist Damir Stojnic who, inspired by embers at night, creates a variety of symbolic forms. In this example, he used a small Istrian quarry as the setting for his several hours long ritual performance of creating an angel. The artist believes that fire reflects the essence of everything that exists and what is created in the heat of the flames, burns and disappears in the heat of the flames as well. Hence, the art of Damir Stojnic is often connected to the metaphysical, astrological, alchemical and gnostic teachings.

Dražen Vitolovic

In his work as a sculptor, Drazen Vitolovic, an artist from Rijeka, often combines sculpture, architecture, design and ecology, using traditional techniques and materials together with new technologies such as 3D printing. Vitolovic says the main task of an artist is to push boundaries, in his own mind as well as in the observers', so his greatest challenge is to exhibit in public, mainly open spaces where art is accessible to everyone.

Iva Gobic

The works of Iva Gobic, an artist from Rijeka, feature paper as the main means of expression. While in her restoration work Gobic seeks to cease and decrease the processes of paper decay, in her artistic work she actually initiates and accelerates them thus transforming them into a positive process of materialization of new works. She often exposes paper to different natural effects such as sunlight or seawater.
In her work Gobic also uses books as art forms, in a way that she applies changes to existing books or uses advertising brochures, magazines and discarded books as raw materials in creation of new objects.

Nenad Roban

Nenad Roban is a designer of artistic jewelry who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen. In his studio in Zagreb he makes interesting objects using a variety of materials, from precious metals to wood and plastic.
He draws inspiration from other art forms, such as music and literature, and he often dedicates his works to fellow artists in a way that he includes their motives in the jewelry he makes. In the video he explains what artistic jewelry is, discusses his view of art and shares the experiences he gained during the many years he has dedicated to creative work.

Sandra Vitaljic

Infertile Grounds is one of the series we decided to feature in order to present the distinct Croatian photographer Sandra Vitalji?. Photographs that appear to depict beautiful landscapes actually reveal stories about crime and horrors of war. In her work the author has captured the images of sites of executions and mass tombs. In another series, Beloved , provoked by newspaper headlines about the murders resulting from relationships, Vitalji? has presented the so-called supporting material, preparations of body parts with gunshot or stab wounds, which were once symbols of femininity. Sandra Vitalji? is a Croatian photographer of the middle generation that also explores the theory of photography. The focus of her interest is contemporary war photography, which was the subject of her PhD thesis.

Spazio Punch

Spazio Punch is art, fashion, publishing, architecture and contemporaneity, since 2011. A non-profit organization on the Giudecca island (Venice), in a former warehouse of spirits and beer, Spazio Punch investigates plans and organizes exhibitions, cultural events and meetings.

Future Search Conference

A two day conference organized by the Veneto Region and structured on the basis of participatory planning, during which cultural operators from all the countries participating in the project – Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy (Puglia and Veneto) – convened to discuss about their own experiences, setting out the strong and the weak points of the systems in which they work and sharing some recommendations for the development of culture and art.

A Cut in 72 Venice Film Festival

Quattro giovani artisti, studenti dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, raccontano la loro esperienza presso la 72. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia, accompagnando lo spettatore nella loro mente e nelle loro osservazioni e visioni attraverso un racconto audiovisivo sotto forma di diario, caratterizzato dalla contaminazione di diverse forme stilistiche e raccontato attraverso un mix di vari linguaggi audiovisivi, che vanno dal blob, al vertical cutting, al classico reportage cinematografico, amalgamati attraverso il field recording.
Due sono le voci narranti in cui i ragazzi si immedesimano: una maschile, che accompagna il racconto “reale” nella forma stilistica più classica del reportage documentaristico, comprendendo interviste, conferenze ecc, e una femminile, che sottolinea gli aspetti più “visionari-onirici” tipici della tecnica del vertical cutting, dove gli aspetti emotivi delle circostanze vissute vengono amplificati e sottolineati visivamente dall’utilizzo di immagini desaturate, deformate, suggerendo uno stato di straniamento.
Il risultato è un prodotto dal taglio fresco ed ironico che prende il via da una riflessione: quanto è contemporanea questa Mostra del Cinema?

UBIK Teatro

Founded in Venice in 2007, the Cultural Association UBIKteatro born as creative and theatrical research group to explore boundaries and hybrids between voice, music, theater, video and technology.
Proposals and experiments include dramatic readings, performances, radio plays and audiobooks, applications for mobile devices, dramatized concert (musical theater), video art, audio-visual installations interactive and site specific.
UBIKteatro is the result of a collaboration between Francesca Sarah Toich, classically trained actress and writer, and Andrea Santini, digital media artist.
Installations and performances are characterised by a theatrical quality and by a unique mix of tradition and innovation. Works have featured at galleries, museums and a festivals internationally including: Kernel Festival and Salone del Mobile (Milan), Science Festival (Genoa), A+A Gallery (Venice), MTF (Berlin), Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo), Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and the Centre Pompidou/IRCAM (Paris). In 2015 UBIKteatro has been commissioned a permanent large scale interactive installation for Veneto Region’s ‘Istituto Ville Venete’ and had their first solo exhibition (Vicenza’s Civic Museum).


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