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Gianni Leone

Gianni Leone’s photographic research is focused on a personal study of the photography of an interior landscape. It is relate to the documentation of the real landscape connected to the private memory with a critic research on the image language. It has to do with a 30 years of travels, often returns, told with black and white photograph and then, from 1994 in colour.

Francesco Schiavulli

A short documentary about Francesco Schiavulli. The artist takes us into his artistic and everyday life by showing us how and where he works and telling us about the story of many of his artworks.

Miki Carone

A day with the artist: "Miki Carone". The natural element, the mediterranean sea, the arabic tales, the comics hero are always present in Carone's artwork. Through his own words, Miki Carone explains the developments of his poetics.


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Rievocazione in Mostra

Barletta celebrates Ettore Fieramosca's “Disfida” with a series of commemorations through art, performance and exhibiting. Giusy Caroppo, Councillor for Culture in the Municipality of Barletta tells about the project involving several spaces of the city and different historic and artistic periods. The contemporary art has an important role in two shows, one curated by Bruno Di Marino and in the mapping by Raffaele Fiorella and Igor Imhoff meaning that art could travel and be significant over the centuries.


The last stage of the show Coexistence was in Polignano a Mare documenting the Adriatic art scene with the artworks and the locations involved in the project arTVision. The final show was also the opportunity to draw conclusions of this Adriatic travel with its differences and similarities. 

Light residencies

Students, professors and artists speak about the role of the Academies of Fine Arts in the framework of a project run by arTVision. These are the “light residencies” a few days of meetings, seminars, workshops, dedicated to selected students and future artists from the four partner countries of the project. Bari, Lecce, Foggia and Polignano a Mare welcome them with activities and more.

Object Perdu

Four young artists are working on the “Pascali method” not imitating their influential colleague, rather than inspiring them with his methods. As a result, in the concept curated by Roberto Lacarbonara, Antonella Zazzera, Raffella Formenti, Pieluigi Calignano and Fabrizio Bellomo, they reinvent the space of the foundation Pino Pascali with a series of works that come from the context of developing their own personal research.

Il mare e il cielo. Pino Pascali e Luigi Ghirri

Rosalba Branà, director of the Pino Pascali Museum and the curator Anna d’Elia talk about the show “Il Mare e il Cielo” (the sea and the sky) which brought for the first time to Puglia one of the most important artworks by Pino Pascali “32 mq di mare circa”, completely restored. This was also compared with “the sky” by Luigi Ghirri, 365 photographs of the sky, as with the days in a year. The artist, from Emilia Romagna, is one of the most well known, influential and inspiring photographers of the last century: the relationship with Pino Pascali’s poetry – ideal and not real – was very lyrical in the landscape of Polignano a Mare.

32 mq di mare circa. The restore

Rodolfo Corrias, head of the department of preservation at the GNAM – Museum of Modern Art in Rome, explains the procedure of restoration of the artwork by Pino Pascali 32 mq di mare circa. The documentary also offers the opportunity to discuss the status of the contemporary artwork. What should we have to preserve? The idea or the object? Indeed – if the artwork is mainly composed of water how can the Museum intervene against the effective ephemeral nature of the artistic project? The antinomy between artwork and fetish is an issue of this video.

SAC – Mari tra le Mura

To be an artist in residence is an opportunity to understand new artistic contexts, meet artists and curators from all over the world, and set up new project. This was also the aim of SAC – Mari tra le Mura and experience run by the Municipalities of Polignano a Mare, Mola di Bari, Conversano, and Rutigliano which hosted 20 artists who came from all over Europe, inviting them to work in beautiful territories and to participate in an itinerant show in the various venues of the programme.

Kater i raders - il naufragio

Director Admir Shkurtay represented the tragedy of the sinking of Katery I Rades, an albanian little ship, in which died many women and chlidren also. 

Iginio Iurilli

A documentary about Iginio Iurilli. The artist take us into his artistic and everyday life by showing us where he works, how he spends his spare time and telling us about the story of many of his artworks. One of them, the purple sea urchin was, during the filming, the main attraction of a show at the Museum Pino Pascali.

Fabrizio Bellomo

The artist Fabrizio Bellomo who is the protagonist of this video is questioned about his practices. Focusing on his video, the documentary follows the artist in the locations where he usually shoots, explaining to us why the place and the people who live or stay there are so important in his research.

Poesia visiva

A young artist is talking about his work; he’s trying to mix drawing and poetry walking in the footsteps of the Poesia Visiva researchers. Filippo Ardito, the movie-maker is documenting his story and his research.

Family Life, a statement

Professor Carlo Garzia explains how the concept of family has changed during the ages and how we can see this through photography. This long-image history of the “family statement” is explained here thanks to the pictures of the artists who focused their work on this issue over the years.

Lecce sogna

For one day, from dawn to dusk, Lecce is animated by dancers, singers, musicians, actors and artists overflowing through the streets of the city. The video tells of the project of Lecce, European Capital of Culture 2019.

Total Immersion

A young artist Maria Lucia shows us the metamorphosis of a yellow banana.  


Veronica Liuzzi, a young artist from Puglia, is dancing and playing with animated lights. Behind Veronica’s dance there is a game: a ball projected lights on a black curtain with which you can become distracted, but only for a while '. The gestural abstraction will catch your attention, reminding the viewer of the art of Jackson Pollock, as Bruno Zambardino recalls in an article in the online magazine Key4biz.

Coexistence for press conference

Mix of videos about Coexistence in different locations.  

Another cup of coffee

Enrica Ciurli shows us what she is seeing during her travels as a commuter. This young artist from Lecce created a short movie that documents the every-day life of a person who travels for work or study from Lecce to Bari. However, the poetic statement of her work could be enlarged to a universal dimension.


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Daniele D'Acquisto

The Contemporary Art Museum "Pino Pascali" hosts a project room dedicated to a young Apulian artist: the show described here was created by Daniele D'Acquisto, who lives in Taranto and is already well known nationwide. In this video, the young Apulian artist presents his work, curated by Lorenzo Madaro.


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 “arTVision. A live art channel” is a project that promotes innovation in interactive, cultural and inter-institutional communication among Adriatic and European countries. The aim is to give maximum visibility to artworks, locally produced but with a high communicative value at international level, so as to make them accessible to a wide audience. Read more

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