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Eros Dibra is a young artist who is very active in the panorama of fine art exhibitions. Enderra (the dream) is an emotional situation captured through the images with a periodical lighting on and off… It is a demonstration of his creativity based on particular moments of the life of a human being. 

Risi’s Moulin

Risi’s Moulin Ballet is intended to explore the human life phases…human life feelings…the couple’s fusion, Passion, Love, Adultery, big Suffering, Regeneration and Gathering of new energies to continue…And then it faces the EGO… “The Ego is making way to Hope….after that we recognize each other and accept ourselves as we are in the realty and we move around this choreographic opera, around these feelings that absorb us during life. The modern contemporary concept ...there are integrated small parts of an oriental dance style, tribal dance and there the interlacement starts of what I had as an idea of a Moulin from all points of view; story, feelings and me, Risi.”

Ed è subito sera

The last line of these three verses of Nobel prize winner Quasimodo becomes the title of the poem. Quasimodo was not unknown to Feim Ibrahimi. He is the author of the poem E la tua veste è bianca in which Ibrahimi based his last work, a piece for canto, cello and piano. Thomas’ composition is symbiotic to Ibrahimi’s work and such symbiosis continues in the way the two works were produced. Thomas had not heard Dialogue for cello and piano by Feim Ibrahimi before writing this piece, yet he produces a very similar work, in atmosphere and in compositional language with that piece by Ibrahimi. The feel those works have, their atmosphere, and their ending is completely the same. The coda has a celestial aura, a heavenly aura, which is where composer Ibrahimi is now.

Yllka Gjollesha MUTE MAKING OF

Yllka Gjollesha is in the middle of the process of making her production of CYCLE which takes part in the Video Installation Mute. As a backstage it creates a relationship between what you see in the exhibition and what is really happening when an artist creates their work…

Yllka Gjollesha MUTE

Video installation MUTE is made up of three elements and each of them has its own signification.


Ornela Rada’s video is an interpretation of situations faced by women in simulated “post blocks” where the treatment received has inhuman, absurd and offending components. The video is shot from a fixed camera position focusing on the profile of a girl which establishes the centre of the action. The idea of the two hands conducting their awful action generates the counterpoint between the “capitulated” women and her “aggressor”.

Languages of Film Music Art Star Vito Lo Re

Tirana’s Light Residence video was made during the Art Show with Vito Lo Re, composer, conductor, music publisher and music arranger, who creates music for films, documentaries, TV adverts and TV programs. Apart from his interactive lectures based on the topic of languages of film music, Vito Lo Re along with young Albanian musicians prepared his Art Show, pursuing a “trip” accompanied by his compositions of audiovisual productions.


The Pyramid Like You Have Never Seen It


The personal exhibition of the artist Arben Golemi was prepared during five years and divided in two cycles. The first cycle contains New York’s monumental architecture. Ermir Hoxha, as the curator of the exhibition, suggested the inclusion of the second cycle to serve as an oxymoron and as a metaphor. The wild forest, the woods of mystery confronting the architecture of Albanian cities and that of megalopolises. The artist has worked on the architecture of New York and the oriental, ethnographic, architecture of some Albanian cities.


Sulejman Fani is one of the young artists participating in the exhibition Coexistence for a New Adriatic Koinè, and his works are characterized by genuine ideas elaborated with a natural impulse of creativity. Loneliness is an expression of emotions situated in the roof of an old house; the video is shot from different corners and a hypnotic game of light...

Strings Theory

Today the string theory gives us a new perception of our being, where the matter is nothing more than an idea, a vibration; and it is not made of particles, but of abstract vibrating waves, of a soul, of the same ingredient of which the entire universe is made, with all its phenomena, including the matter, gravity, interacting forces, and even the mind of God itself. So, this interactive installation of the artist Harri Aleksi combines the virtual sound with graphic vibrating images, taking the public to new mind and emotional spaces, infinite spaces, where the dimension of time takes a whole new meaning: “for it’s the anatomical logic of modern man to never have been able to live nor think of living except as one possessed”.

Slow Redi Sinani

Redi Sinani Slow theme is focused on the interaction of a drop of the liquid interacting with the surface of the liquid itself. The sensation of the sounds produced and the images related to the surface of the transparent liquid accompanies the attention of the public in a space of time compressed within the video art.

Slow Livia Toka

Slow theme made by Livia Toka focuses the circular movements of the image of a girl in a special art corner as a continuous dialogue between the appearance and disappearance.

Slow Fatjon Nurcellari

Slow theme made by Fatjon Nurcellari brings a special and simple urban image which is composed by multiple cells compressed in time: - an urban bus is passing in front of the camera. The author operates from the opposite side of his creative material; he uses picture images to create the video and meantime those images are the result of a fragmented urban primordial motion. Nurcellari puts a series of frames intentionally fragmented creating the Slow motion of his special content.

Ready and Made

Ardit Alimehmeti has made a personal interpretation to the Theme: Ready & Made using a technique of introducing the motion of a couple of young people into a pre existing and static background taken by a picture showing a river and the green grass. The motion of the couple is in contrast with the supposed flowing river…creating an emotional situation of a duality between movement and inactivity, between nature and people, between ideas, techniques and communication..

Autoportret+ Jonida Balliu

Jonida Balliu’s video Autoportret talks in a condensed way explaining the role of colours in her face and her performance.
White Colour – is “denuding” of emotions.
Green Colour – is her greatest emotion.

Post block

Fatlum Doçi’s post block is situated in a landscape field where the attention is captured by visual and audio elements, chosen to give the idea of the “tragedy” of the spiritual emotions and values in the actual and real life. So, the combination of the sounds of a heart beating and the grave is confronted in a “frozen” landscape that shows the only detail in a movement, the chronometer, which is placed where the names of dead people are usually written, underlining that the Time passing is the “border’s post block” where tragedies of our days are going to be consumed.


Klea Mani’s Etude is a video made with the intention of provoking and in the meantime creating a situation of nasty sensations made with the use of dissimilarity between her body and her hands and finger “games” with the dead eels.

Autoportret+ Anduela Aliko

The concept of Anduela Aliko’s Autoportret comes in an emblematic relationship between a paper boat and a red liquid symbolizing the result of modern cruelties...the parallelism created between identities drowned and lost into cruelties (like the paper boat in this bloody liquid) is the signification of a failed attempt to fix an self portrait

Autoportret+ Jona Kucaj

Jona Kuçaj’s Autoportret offers passages of the urban life, where traffic, spaces, buildings leave a very narrow path to human beings. The urban images with upside down cars and the urban rumours accompany the performance of the author creating the idea that portraits or self portraits in her view is are always affected by the effects of urban life.

Autoportret+ Leonidha Mano

In Leonidha Mano’s Autoportret the protagonist is a missing voice or audio, or a missing face, a movement without identity going against the usual rules. It is a motion fluctuating between the non listened sound and the non seen face or the non seen appearance. What is more, the piano played with toes gives another element in favour of describing Mano’s self portrait as something “masked” by the non rule formula.


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