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Spazio Punch

Spazio Punch is art, fashion, publishing, architecture and contemporaneity, since 2011. A non-profit organization on the Giudecca island (Venice), in a former warehouse of spirits and beer, Spazio Punch investigates plans and organizes exhibitions, cultural events and meetings.

Future Search Conference

A two day conference organized by the Veneto Region and structured on the basis of participatory planning, during which cultural operators from all the countries participating in the project – Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy (Puglia and Veneto) – convened to discuss about their own experiences, setting out the strong and the weak points of the systems in which they work and sharing some recommendations for the development of culture and art.

A Cut in 72 Venice Film Festival

Quattro giovani artisti, studenti dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, raccontano la loro esperienza presso la 72. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia, accompagnando lo spettatore nella loro mente e nelle loro osservazioni e visioni attraverso un racconto audiovisivo sotto forma di diario, caratterizzato dalla contaminazione di diverse forme stilistiche e raccontato attraverso un mix di vari linguaggi audiovisivi, che vanno dal blob, al vertical cutting, al classico reportage cinematografico, amalgamati attraverso il field recording.
Due sono le voci narranti in cui i ragazzi si immedesimano: una maschile, che accompagna il racconto “reale” nella forma stilistica più classica del reportage documentaristico, comprendendo interviste, conferenze ecc, e una femminile, che sottolinea gli aspetti più “visionari-onirici” tipici della tecnica del vertical cutting, dove gli aspetti emotivi delle circostanze vissute vengono amplificati e sottolineati visivamente dall’utilizzo di immagini desaturate, deformate, suggerendo uno stato di straniamento.
Il risultato è un prodotto dal taglio fresco ed ironico che prende il via da una riflessione: quanto è contemporanea questa Mostra del Cinema?

UBIK Teatro

Founded in Venice in 2007, the Cultural Association UBIKteatro born as creative and theatrical research group to explore boundaries and hybrids between voice, music, theater, video and technology.
Proposals and experiments include dramatic readings, performances, radio plays and audiobooks, applications for mobile devices, dramatized concert (musical theater), video art, audio-visual installations interactive and site specific.
UBIKteatro is the result of a collaboration between Francesca Sarah Toich, classically trained actress and writer, and Andrea Santini, digital media artist.
Installations and performances are characterised by a theatrical quality and by a unique mix of tradition and innovation. Works have featured at galleries, museums and a festivals internationally including: Kernel Festival and Salone del Mobile (Milan), Science Festival (Genoa), A+A Gallery (Venice), MTF (Berlin), Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo), Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and the Centre Pompidou/IRCAM (Paris). In 2015 UBIKteatro has been commissioned a permanent large scale interactive installation for Veneto Region’s ‘Istituto Ville Venete’ and had their first solo exhibition (Vicenza’s Civic Museum).

Light Residencies 5 - Venice

“Languages of the audiovisual”: this is the title of the fifth “Light Residence” of the project arTVision, which will take place from March 9th to 13th at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. This is a very important step of the program of artistic residencies held in the countries involved in arTVision project, that feature young artists in training, students of the Academies of Fine Arts called to partecipate in the construction of five "art shows" taught by internationally renowned artists.


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The launch event of the Venice stage of ART IN PORT - Coexistence: for a new Adriatic Koiné on December 20th 2014 at Magazzino del Sale n. 3 in Venice is the fourth stage of the contemporary art exhibition which is part of the framework of ArTVision Project, a European initiative co-financed by IPA-Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013 which involves artists coming from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy (Veneto and Puglia). The exhibition in Venice comes after the previous stages in the cities of Tirana (Albania), Cetinje (Montenegro), Rijeka (Croatia) and the tour will close at the end of January with the final stage in Polignano a Mare (Puglia).


The launch event of the Venice stage of ART IN PORT - Coexistence: for a new Adriatic Koine on December 20th at Magazzino del Sale n. 3 in Venice It’s the fourth stage of the contemporary art exhibition which is part of the framework of ArTVision Project, a European initiative co-financed by IPA-Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013 which involves artists coming from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy (Veneto and Puglia). The exhibition in Venice comes after the previous stages in the cities of Tirana (Albania), Cetinje (Montenegro), Rijeka (Croatia) and the tour will close at the end of January with the final stage in Polignano a Mare (Puglia). 


The artist traces the main steps of its production, from the works done at the end of his academic training to the latest research that places him among the most interesting leading young Albanian artists.

A Preraphaelite's story

This short film is made up of frames that evoke the moods and the compositions of some pre-Raphaelite paintings (some of them are “The Awakening of Adonis” and “Ophelia” by Waterhouse, “Lady Lilith” by Gabriel Rossetti). After shooting all of the frames that composed the film, they will then be printed and coloured a bit with some painting techniques (pastel, tempera, chalk). After that, they will be scanned and edited. There isn't a story: it is only as a sequence of frames. Five fellows are in a park: a young man and a young girl are lovers, the second girl is lying on the grass and the third is brushing her hair in front of a mirror. The second boy is resting seated on a little stone bench. They seem to be strangers. Near them there is a hanged young boy... He seems dead but he isn't really.

Blauer Hase

Blauer Hase is an art collective founded in Venice in 2007 with the aim of proposing experimental forms of cultural production and experience. This video shows a recorded performative experience and a boat collective listening experience (a performance which took place in Venice in 2012 for the helicotrema annual festival.

Non sono penelope

"I'm not Penelope" arises from considering the wire that the weaver weaves as the indelible mark of her experiences which are represented on the fabric. Weaving is to talk about herself, is to leave a track of experiences and views, creating a new object. The video represents the rebellion of a weaver, Penelope has decided to no longer be Penelope and expresses it as:
- she weaves, but does so out of the house (the frame is moved from its usual position to that of the exhibition);
- she does not wait, but rather becomes, because the fabric weaving is the image of her experience, her inner journey;
- she does not create but undoes a canvas, which creates and recreates itself: not being Penelope is the awareness of self, the recognition of all that has happened in the past, through our experiences.


Punto Croce is a house where enthusiasm, passions and dreams make creative things happen, thanks to the will, the talent, and sometimes to improvisation and teamwork. A meeting point, a dinner with friends where experiments, shows, performances and projects come to life through different disciplines. A crossroads, where to exchange views, experiences, stories and knowledge.


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arTVision / 71st International Film Festival

Video documentation of the arTVision project presentation held at Veneto Region space in the Hotel Excelsior, Lido di Venezia, during the 71st international film festival.

Any Animals

A. is driven by the overwhelming impulse to fuse himself with the book and to become as one with it. He cuts his fingertips. A. is no self-destructive man but rather he is making his touch hypersensitive, to multiply the pleasure of contact. A real sexual intercourse of his fingers and the book pages: the paper cuts through the flesh and the bodily fluids penetrate the paper. In the end the result will be a mutated A. hybridized: half man and half animal or maybe completely animal.

Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

The Teatro Fondamenta Nuove is one of excellence in the field of culture in the Veneto Region. 


Shapeshift is a shift of shape that misshapes itself by the means of its own axis. It is the mess of the upside down that reverses itself tidily. Like a cube becoming a sphere, in time, the shape's nature is cyclic. All around, the space is white, like the noise of the ground.


Apart#01 is an electronic music festival managed by PAS_E, an association promoting and producing cultural products through contemporary music. In this clip an extract from the gig is showcased, starring Rabih Beaini & Charles Cohen with the Upperground Orchestra, along with the interviews to the PAS_E's members. The concert was staged and filmed on 26th August 2014 at the "Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi" in Venice.

Simon Perathoner

This video shows the work of a young emerging artist, Simon Perathoner, who explores the relationship between the various possible forms of ‘image’ nowadays, when translated into a code to be widespread. The artist, who was artistically trained in Venice, collaborated during the whole shooting process, also by allowing us to shoot previously unpublished material related to his work in progress ‘Substract series’.


Ginger is a hammer. No. Ginger is a moose. No. Ginger is a faun. No. Ginger is a seal, a walrus, a crocodile. Crop - the crocodile swallows all that Ginger that has ever been. Indeed, Ginger is a new hammer, a busted drawing regurgitating itself over and over, exhausted in its own distress.


Is it a body armoured with some text, or is the body of the text being armoured? The certain thing is that to arm the body with some text you have to first arm yourself with the body of the text. What you need is a book from which to tear out some pages, then some thread, and not to get lost. During the slow dressing stage, you have to tie the thread. It will come in handy to let the armour adhere to the body - the body of the text is disarming.

arTVision promo VI

A short advert, created as a model to help start a series of videos to be used as a teaser to promote the project. The adverts are linked to technical activities of traditional artistic production, transposed through the use of audiovisual language.


A Live Art Channel

About us

 “arTVision. A live art channel” is a project that promotes innovation in interactive, cultural and inter-institutional communication among Adriatic and European countries. The aim is to give maximum visibility to artworks, locally produced but with a high communicative value at international level, so as to make them accessible to a wide audience. Read more

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