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Saturday, 01 March 2014 00:00

2nd Steering Committee

ARTVISION, Project's presentation in Albania. The operational phase gets the green light. 

The second steering committee met on 27/28 February in Tirana for a detailed planning session. The full agenda included the establishing of the project’s operational phases, agreeing on content and the production of the audiovisual material, identifying communication points and jointly compiling the event and exhibition calendar. The project was presented to the press in the presence of the Albanian Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro.

Co-financed by the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 Measure 3.3 “Communication Networks”, ArTVision is a pilot project resulting from a partnership led by Puglia Region – Area Policies for the promotion of territory, knowledge and talent. The network of partners is both extensive and comprehensive: the Pino Pascoli Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art; Veneto Region - Direction of cultural and performance activities; the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice; the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro; the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje – Montenegro; the Albanian Ministry of Culture; the University of Arts, Tirana – Albania; Kanal RI – Croatian TV; Primorje and Gorski, Kotar County – Croatia.

The foundations of this project, as underlined by the Albanian Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro, have a significant importance as they demonstrate the new role which politics intends to play with regard to culture, with the aim of turning ideas, initiatives, and regional co-operation into concrete work. As the Minister stated, ArTVision is, therefore, a channel for the broadcasting of this open policy of a culture without boundaries, and a way of creating new platforms and “fertile ground” for Albanian artists to carry out their work.

The Rector of Tirana’s University of Arts, Petrit Malaj, has put the human and professional resources of the University’s three faculties (Music, Visual Art and Theatrical Arts) at the project’s disposition, thus playing a key role in this process of cultural growth. These faculties are amongst the best qualified to organise and co-produce traditional and contemporary art.

Francesco Palumbo, Director of the Area Policies for the promotion of territory, knowledge and talent of the Puglia Region, said that the essence of the arTVision project is represented by the establishing of the first network structure for the broadcasting of cross-media art in the Adriatic area. This is a mixture of interconnected television creations, entirely dedicated to the production and transmission of images which push the boundaries of contemporary visual art, shown in the immediacy of their present history.

The project’s innovation is its cross-media and cross-border nature that aims to create a thematic cross-media channel able to offer high-quality and original productions from across the whole range of visual contemporary art. A channel which takes advantage of the communication networks and media infrastructure already in existence in the partner countries and which allows the free use of arTVision’s audiovisual productions. The project aims to sustain and promote contemporary art via the strategic use of communication systems and the work of cross-border networks.

The project, which will be brought to an end in March 2015, plans to create 150 original audiovisual productions by five television crews operating in each partner country; 15 original audiovisual productions made by young professional film-makers; 5 Light Residences – artistic residences which house around 30 students from the academies and that aim to produce 5 “art shows” produced by 5 internationally renowned artists; a series of contemporary art events and a travelling art exhibition “Art in Port”, in 5 port towns on the Adriatic coastline of Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Veneto and Puglia.

The aim is ambitious: to broadcast knowledge of contemporary visual art in an authoritative and uninterrupted way via cross-media communication channels, television networks, websites, social networks, museums networks, and public and private institutions. Live-coverage of art will be shown through the eyes of the artists working in the international TV crews. The long-term sustainability of the results of arTVision will be guaranteed through the establishing of a “Cross-border sustainability plan” stemming from a process of planning and dialogue between and beyond the project’s partners. This is an opportunity for cross-fertilisation and a lively cultural and multidisciplinary mix on the Adriatic shoreline.

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