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Thursday, 28 May 2015 00:00

Silvia Godelli's message

Silvia' Godell's videomessage broadcast at the arTVision final event held on 28th May in Cetinje (Montenegro)

ArTVision, a highly innovative project that involved all the major artistic disciplines of the countries involved, concludes by drawing the future prospects of inter-Adriatic communication in the visual and performing arts.

ArTVision has created a truly virtuous level of cooperation, aligning the commitment of institutional territorial partners, ministries, regions, academies, museums, local authorities, with productive fervour and creative artists and experts of cultural communication; due to the brilliant results achieved it has already been projected into the new European territorial programming period of 2014/20, and has already been widely disseminated in the disciplines involved. Amongst other important outcomes was the network of five Adriatic TV Crews, in Apulia, Veneto, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, with the establishment of the transmedia channel that has been the heart of the project.

All around, the vitality of social media and the strength of a robust interactive vision will allow the pulse to continue whilst catching all the new artistic trends that are developing in the Adriatic area. There have been countless creative products that this common path has produced in the regions and countries concerned; among these, of extraordinary importance and of great symbolic impact is the travelling exhibition Coexistence, with the convergence of young artists from all the countries involved.

With a view of deep cultural cohesion in the Adriatic area, it bodes well for a positive common future and a real integration with those countries which are now only a step away from fully entering the European Union. Therefore, whilst expressing the greatest satisfaction of the regional administration of Apulia for the happy outcome of ArTVision and its future prospects, I would like to thank all the institutional partners, all the artists and all the participants in the project who have made it possible to achieve these extraordinary results.

Silvia Godelli

Regional Minister for the Mediterranean, Culture and Tourism - Puglia Region

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Thursday, 28 May 2015 00:00

Dragica Milic's speech

Mrs. Dragica Milic's speech at the arTVision finel event held on 28the May in cetinje (Montenegro)

I have a pleasant duty to welcome all participants of ARTVISION final event on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro. I heartly greet dear guests from our partner institutions from Italy, Croatia and Albania, and colleagues from Montenegrin cultural institutions and municipalities, as well as prominent representatives of the media.

International cooperation and promotion of contemporary art are priorities in cultural policy of Montenegro, candidate country for joining the European Union. Integration of Montenegrin culture has been directed to regional cooperation and European perspective through participation in significant EU programmes and implementation of cross-border projects. One of them, ArTVision, has been in line with our priorities in development of culture and joint strategic interests of countries of Adriatic region.

Implementation of ARTVISION, a project funded by IPA CBC Adriatic programme, through dedicated work of all participating regions, has stimulated processes of regional cultural integration through exchange of experience and ideas of institutions, faculties and young artists from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Italian regions Puglia and Veneto. The formal end of ArTVision project is near, so the final event represents the right moment to remind ourselves on the activities we implemented and concrete outputs achieved during the project cycle.

International exhibition “Coexistence: for the new Adriatic koine” has presented 25 artworks of young contemporary artists from participating regions during the period of August 2014-March 2015. Montenegrin selection has been represented by artworks of Natalija Vujoševi?, Irena Lagator Pejovi?, Igor Rak?evi?, Jelena Tomaševi? i Jovana Vujanovi?.

The exhibition has been presented in exhibiting space of „Piramida“ in Tirana, Montenegrin gallery of art „Miodrag Dado ?uri?“ in Cetinje, Museum of modern and contemporary art in Rijeka, Magazzino del Sale“ in Venice and Museum of contemporary art “Pino Pascali” in Polignano a Mare. Among numerous promotion activities implemented in Montenegro,

I would like to single out promo exhibition organized within the Barski ljetopis manifestation “Breviar of memories”, in old town of Bar, in August 2014. Selected by curator Ljiljana Karadžic, three young artists have presented their artworks: Teodora Nik?evi?, Marina Kuvelji? i Siniša Radulovi?.

As an institutional partner, Ministry has supported participation of students of art academies in the educational programme of light residencies. Ivan Marovic, postgraduate student of Music Academy in Cetinje took part at the light residence “Language of film music”, which took place at the University of art in Tirana, and Anastasija Kostic, student of Faculty of Fine arts at residence “Language of scene design and digital animation” in Bari. Student Bojan Stijovic from Faculty of Dramatic arts from Cetinje, participated at residence dedicated to language of film in Venice, and Adin Rastoder at residence on language of scene instalation in Rijeka.

Our partner Faculty of Dramatic arts from Cetinje, organized a light residence “Language of theatre” and art star guest was Mr. Paolo Magelli. The production of the three documentaries on the subject of work of contemporary visual artists has been ongoing. Dusan Vulekovic preparing a documentary about a young author Danilo Baletic, Željko Sošic about Jelena Tomaševic and Danilo Marunovic on Montenegrin artist who lives in Zagreb, Dimitrije Popovic. In the field of cultural policy, a comprehesive research and analysis have been conducted, which involved Montenegrin cultural institutions, art faculties, CSOs, visual and applied artists.

We specially appreciate good cooperation which has been achieved with Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Cetinje, our technical partner. Faculty of Dramatic Arts and their arTVision TV crew, led by artist Natalija Vujoševic and director Dušan Kasalica have realized 30 video forms, short films – interviews with Montenegrin visual artists, and video reportages on cultural events in Montenegro during 2014. Video forms have been broadcasted online, through joint arTVision web site and media.

Among the activities that have been implemented with technical partners is the program "Light residence", held in Cetinje in March of this year, an artistic residences for students from countries participating in the project on "The Language of theater" led by a team of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Paolo Magelli, theater director from Italy.

Thus designed series of activities for the stimulation of creativity and production of new artworks, affirmatively influenced the popularization and development of contemporary art, exchange ideas and competencies cultural sector Adriatic countries and the improvement in domain of strategic planning in culture.

The commitment of partner institutions in the implementation of this project opens opportunities and points to the prospects after the formal end of the project, through the implementation of sustainability plan that will ensure the continuation of multilateral cooperation in the direction of further cultural development of the Adriatic region.

Dragica Milic,

General Director of Directorate for Cultural and Artistic Creativity -Ministry of Culture of Montenegro

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Friday, 22 May 2015 14:01

ArTVision in Montenegro

The ATVision final event and a press conference on Thursday 28th May 2015 - 10am in Cetinje at the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro

A challenge in the name of art, a project of cultural communication, a new way of looking at the Adriatic, for the cooperation and the exchange of works of art and artists, of languages and formats, of visions of art on art; this was ArTVision - A live Art Channel, a project co-funded by the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013, ‘Measure 3.3 "Communication networks".

Led by Puglia Region - Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent, with technical support from the Apulia Film Commission Foundation, it includes a wide partnership which, starting from Apulia involves Albania, Montenegro, Primorje-Gorski Kotar Country (Croatia) and Veneto. The heart of the project is the production of the first structured "network" of transmedia artistic communication in the Adriatic area, able to show the images that come directly from the new frontiers of contemporary arts in the immediacy of their present history.

In Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Apulia and Veneto, five highly specialised TV Crews have been established, led by the Apulian Crew and made up of professionals and young artists, to transmit "the vision of art about art", producing reports, pilot audiovisual projects, instant news on Adriatic art. The results achieved will be discussed during the final event of the project to be held on Thursday, May 28th, at the Ministry of Culture, in Cetinje, Montenegro.

It will be preceded by a press conference (10.00am) with: Dragica Milic, Deputy Minister of Culture of Montenegro, Piacentino Ciccarese - Puglia Region (Lead Partner), Valerij Jureši? - Primorje-Gorski Kotar Country, Decimo Poloniato - Veneto Region, Ledia Mirakaj - Ministry of Culture of Albania. The regional Minister for the Mediterranean, Culture and Tourism, Silvia Godelli, will speak through a video message.

The activities of the network of the Adriatic TV Crews and of the transmedia arTVision channel, the 138 audiovisual products, the 15 short movies made by the professional film-makers and the many artistic and cultural events - the exhibition "Coexistence: for a new Adriatic Koine" the Light Residence, the Future Search Conference, the participation to international festivals - are some of the results that will be explained in the next session (11.00am), which will be completed by the Art Guest Star talk with the Montenegrin Aleksandar ?urav?evi? and other artist (15.00).

But above all it will highlight how ArTVision has established a starting point for a new way to design and disseminate culture and contemporary art. Audiovisual productions, documentaries, exhibitions, networks of knowledge and expertise, but also the mobility of artists, field training, publications, policy papers on the subject of cultural policies, this was the focus of the project that involved public and private bodies, museums, academies, universities around the Adriatic. All engaged in an ongoing and lively dialogue, with the intention of spreading the vision of art to a wider audience and create a continuous exchange between artists of different territories with the aim of creating a common language and a new way of cooperating. I

n this regard, so that they can continue along the path of marked growth, partners are already working with the idea of having the arTVision TV crews set up as an independent legal entity and with the possibility of continuing the project within the European 2014-2020 programming period.

"ArTVision. A live art channel", co-funded under the European IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007/2013, is a pilot project led by Puglia Region - Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent, with technical support from the Apulia Film Commission Foundation, which involves: Pino Pascali Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, Polignano a Mare (IT); Veneto Region - Culture and Performing arts Section (IT); Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (IT); Ministry of Culture of Montenegro (IT); Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (MNE); Ministry of Culture of Albania (AL); University of the Arts in Tirana (AL); Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia (HR); Kanal RI- Croatian TV (HR). Associate Partners: Euronews (FR); Artribune (IT); (IT); Radio Television of Montenegro (MNE); RTV Ora News (AL) Adhesions: Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism - General Direction for Cinema (IT); Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Foggia, Lecce (IT); Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka (HR); Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (HR)

For further information on the project please visit:


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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 19:47

arTVision final event

Press conference, presentation of project results and Art Guest Star Talk in the arTVision final event which will take place in Cetinje (Montenegro) on 28th May 2015.

A full day event will be held on 28th May 2015 at the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro in Cetinje to present arTVision project results.

The morning will be opened by a press conference (10h15 – 11h00) with the following speakers: Dragica Milic (Deputy Minister of Culture, Montenegro), Piacentino Ciccarese (Lead partner Puglia Region, Italy), Valerij Jureši? (Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia), Decimo Poloniato (Veneto Region, Italy) and a representative of the Albanian Ministry of Culture.

The event will go on with a focus on work packages (WP) and project results, moderated by the Montenegro project team. Veneto Region and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County will present a research on cultural organizations and the two-days Future Search Conference held in Venice (WP3).

Kanal Ri, the Apulian TV crew (Pino Pascali Foundation) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice will talk about the activities of the 5 Adriatic TV Crews, coordinated by the Apulian one (WP4), while the Apulia Film Commission Foundation will present the 15 short movies about contemporary artists produced by professional film-makers (WP4).

The University of Arts of Tirana and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje will talk about the 6 Light Residences held in the project countries, which saw participation by 30 Academy students and 5 international Art Stars (WP4); Pino Pascali Foundation will discuss peculiarities of the traveling exhibition “Coexistence for a new Adriatic koine” which involved 25 emerging Adriatic artists (WP5); the Ministry of Culture of Albania, responsible for the editing of the Cross-border Sustainability Plan, will present guidelines for future sustainability of the project.

Two more talks will follow: one among project partners and one with Aleksandar Duravcevic, representative of Montenegro at the Venice Biennale and others artists. A guided tour through the historical core of Cetinje and a guided visit to Dado Duric Gallery and Pablo Picasso exhibitions will seal the day.

The final event will be preceded on May 27th by the 5th arTVision Steering Committee, with participation of all partners.

ArTVision. is a pilot project co-funded by the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 and led by Puglia Region – Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent with technical support by Apulia Film Commission Foundation, which involves partners from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia and Veneto.

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Friday, 15 May 2015 14:25

Vlatka Vujosevic, On Sculptures

Artist Vlatka Vujosevic tells us about creating the sculptures from the series “Look at Her My Little Warrior”. She explores the technical processes of making the sculptures and the ideas that drove her to them.

Friday, 15 May 2015 14:24

Sinisa Radulovic, Video

With the artist Sinisa Radulovic we discussed video form. Sinisa tells us about his attitude towards film and the reasons why the video is one of the artistic media that poses a challenge for him.

Friday, 15 May 2015 14:22

Petar Delijevic, Drawings

We visited Gallery A in Niksic and talked to the young artist Petar Delijevic about his exhibition of drawings. Petar explains the ideas and processes that led up to the creation of this exhibition.
Friday, 15 May 2015 14:19

Milovan Novakovic Artist talk

In the gallery “Atelier Dado“ in Cetinje, artist Milovan Novakovic speaks about the exhibition “Concrete works and works on paper”. The artist explains the ideas that lay behind the exhibition, the works on paper and the concrete sculptures.

Friday, 15 May 2015 14:17

Milka Delibasic Artist Talk

Young Montenegrin artist Milka Delibasic talks about her work, things that move and inspire her. She talks about her artistic role models, her attitude towards her work and presents us with the process of the making of a drawing.

Curator Ljiljana Karadzic leads us through a retrospective exhibition of the older artist Krsto Andrijasevic. She tells us about his work, phases he has gone through and themes that dominate his opus.
Friday, 15 May 2015 14:12

Irena Lagator, Art in Public Spaces

Artist Irena Lagator takes us to the locations of her works that were created in public spaces. She talks about the reasons and ideas that led her to working with public spaces, as well as the historical-social context of the locations where the works are displayed.

Friday, 15 May 2015 14:08

Ivana Radovanovic, Hollow Man

In the pavilion of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro in Podgorica, we talk to the artist Ivana Radovanovic about her sculpture exhibition “hollow man”. She introduces us to the process of creating these works, talks about the materials and the complexity that follows the making of these sculptured-installations.

Friday, 15 May 2015 14:05

Irena Lagator, Photo Works

Artist Irena Lagator talks about works made through photography. She explains where and how she decided to make certain works and how she connects them with the themes she treats within her artistic expression.

Friday, 15 May 2015 14:02

Igor Rakcevic, Studio visit

The TV Crew Montenegro visited the artist Igor Rakcevic in his studio in Podgorica. Igor talks about his early works, technique and ideas that lead him to artistic creation.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015 18:59


A meeting in Bari to present the arTVision model and discuss about cultural planning through communication

A conference promoted by the Foundation “Pino Pascali” to speak about the spreading and the communication of contemporary art: “COMUNICARE L’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA – il modello arTVision e la progettazione culturale attraverso la comunicazione” // COMMUNICATING CONTEMPORARY ART – The arTVision model and the cultural planning through communication will take place on Friday May 15th, 9am-1,30pm and 2,30-6pm, at the Castello Svevo in Bari.

In conclusion of the project arTVision – a live art channel, realized within the IPA Adriatic European Program 2007-2013, the Foundation “Pino Pascali” launches the idea of a thematic dialogue on culture and communication. The meeting will be introduced by Silvia Godelli, Assessor, Mediterranean, Culture, Tourism, Apulia Region and by Francesco Palumbo, Area director, Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talents, Apulia Region, and will be coordinated by the art historian and curator Christian Caliandro.

The main issue will be the ‘communication of contemporary art’, in a context like the present one where linguistic barriers and borders don’t exist anymore, in a more and more viral and constant system of informational exchange, like a continuous flux where the theme of territorial identity powerfully comes to light, connecting itself to the emerging extraterritorial realities. The Foundation “Pino Pascali”, technical partner of the European project, at its end and with the aim of reflecting on these topics invites not only the protagonists of arTVision, but also important representatives of the communication of contemporary art and culture, like: Pippo Ciorra, Senior Curator MAXXI Architecture, Rome; Nicolai Ciannamea, editorial director arTVision; Alessandra Galletta, curator and TV author; Alessandra Mammì, journalist and art critic, l’Espresso; Pietro Marino, journalist and art critic, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Gabi Scardi, curator of the Greek Pavilion at the Venice Biennale; Peter Benson Miller, artistic director, American Academy in Rome.

The students of the schools of Fine Arts of Bari, Lecce and Foggia will talk about the Light Residence, a new and interesting teaching model that involved 30 students from the partner areas; other young students will tell the experience of the learning by doing coordinated by the Apulia TV Crew for the realization of audiovisual contents about art. Giuseppe Teofilo, one of the artists participating to the exhibition ‘Coexistence, for a new Adriatic koinè’ will investigate the experience of the itinerant show, that touched cities like Tirana, Cetinje, Rjieka, Venice and Polignano.

ArTVision has established a starting point for a new way of producing and spreading contents on contemporary art. exhibitions, documentaries, social media, knowledge networks, but also experiences, moments of education, publications: this was the project that involved museums and public institutions in Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Veneto Region and Apuia Region, engaged in a constant a vibrant Adriatic dialogue, with the aim of communicating the vision of art to a wider public and to create a continuous exchange among artists from different territorial contexts and to create a common language to grow together.

“arTvision. A live art channel”, financed within the IPA Adriatic European Program CBC 2007/2013, is a pilot program led by the Apulia Region – Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talents, with the technical support of the Apulia Film Commission, that involves: Foundation “Pino Pascali” Contemporary Art Museum; Veneto Region – Cultural Activities and Show Section; Venice School of Fine Arts; Ministry of Culture of Montenegro; Faculty of Drama of Cetinje – Montenegro; Ministry of Culture of Albania; University of Arts of Tirana – Albania; Coastal-Mountain County – Croatia; Kanal RI – Croatia.

For more information about the project: -

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 00:00

Biennal of Montenegrin Theatre

The Montenegrin TV Crew visited the Montenegrin Theater Biennale which is organized biannually by the Montenegrin National Theatre. Actors, directors and theatre workers share thoughts about the Biennale theatre and plays.
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 18:40

The arTVision model in Bari

“COMMUNICATING CONTEMPORARY ART”, a meeting in Bari to present the arTVision model and discuss about cultural planning through communication.

In conclusion of the European IPA project arTVision, led by Puglia Region, we want to present to the public the results of this new model of cultural planning, where “doing” is connected to “narrating” through new means of communication, in a continuous confrontation between emerging realities of the Adriatic area.

Exhibitions, documentaries, social networks, skills and experiences, educations, publications: this is the arTVision project, which involves museums and public institutions in Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Veneto Region and Puglia Region. This project established a starting point for the spreading of contemporary art in a wider public and for creating a constant cultural exchange among artists from different countries. With these premises, the Foundation “Pino Pascali” (Polignano a Mare) is promoting the conference “COMUNICARE L’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA - Il “modello” arTVision e la progettazione culturale attraverso la comunicazione // COMMUNICATING CONTEMPORARY ART – The arTVision model and the cultural planning through communication, that will take place on Friday May 15th (h. 9.30-18) at the Castello Svevo in Bari.

We are inviting the protagonists of the project and also important representative of the national and international contemporary debates, journalists, politicians, curators, artists who will speak in specific focuses dedicated to the issues of the mediation of contemporary art and culture.

The participants are: Silvia Godelli (Regional Minister for Mediterranean Sea, Tourism and Culture, Puglia Region), Francesco Palumbo (Director Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talents, Puglia Region), Rosalba Branà (Director of the Foundation Museum “Pino Pascali”, Polignano a Mare), Nicolai Ciannamea (arTVision editorial director), Pippo Ciorra (senior curator MAXXI Architecture and co-curator of Demanio Marittimo km 278), Alessandra Galletta (TV author) author, Alessandra Mammì (journalist and art critic, L’Espresso), Pietro Marino (art critic, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno), Peter Benson Miller (Arts Director, American Academy in Rome), Gabi Scardi (curator of the Greek Pavilion, Venice Biennale), Giuseppe Teofilo (artist).

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