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Friday, 06 June 2014 00:00

arTVision launch event

arTVision project: Bari hosts the launch event

"Artvision. A live art of channel” is a pilot project, managed by Puglia Region with technical support by Apulia Film Commission. It involves partners from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, as well as Italy; it falls within the European funding as part of the IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 with a budget of 3,305.727 €, and focuses on young artists and art in the Adriatic area “as it happens”.

The project was outlined during the launch event, held at the Officina degli Esordi in Bari, and introduced by the Regional Councillor for the Mediterranean, Culture and Tourism, Silvia Godelli, and Francesco Palumbo, Director Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent – Puglia Region.

"It is a project with great ambitions - said Silvia Godelli - the idea is to encourage networking between the two shores of the Adriatic through a whole range of artistic activities, linking them to technological, digital and multimedia aspects for a remote fruition. The core of the project combines cooperation and innovation within the contemporary arts, in areas where there is great interest in searching for new expressions, especially among younger generations."

"We are already fully operational - said Palumbo – we have set up five Adriatic TV crews who are making audio-visual material that will be broadcast through the transmedia channel “arTVision”, as well as through mainstream television, both analogue and digital TV, thematic TV, museums networks and social networks. The idea is to ensure a long-term sustainability for the project, beyond the planned end date in 2015.

Through arTVision, 150 original audio-visual products will be made, including 15 short films, 1 travelling art exhibition, to be held at Adriatic sea port locations, entitled "Coexistence, towards a new Adriatic Koiné", 5 Light Residences, which are artistic residences involving 30 students from different Academies and the development of 5 "Art shows" held by 5 internationally renowned artists, as well as a series of related events and a mapping of operators and stakeholders of the cultural sector.

"A great opportunity for young talents" - this is also what arTVision is about according to Dragica Milic, Montenegro’s Deputy Minister for Culture - "the project was designed to promote the potential of young people, improving the exchange of artists and their works and thus contributing to the development of the new cultural scene and creating new ways for cultural cooperation.

" Marina Medaric, vice President of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia is of the same opinion: "We believe that cross-border, international and interregional cooperation can help us to reach specific cultural goals in those countries that are not able to achieve them on their own, while preserving the specific cultural identity of each region." As for cultural features, one of the peculiarities of arTVision highlighted by Maria Teresa De Gregorio, Director of the Culture Department of Veneto Region is in the synthesis between contemporary art and film art, useful in supporting creativity in the Adriatic territories.

"A fusion of the arts" which was created during the preview productions of arTVision, presented by the channel manager Rosangela Mastromarino, the editorial director Nicolai Ciannamea and the coordinator of the transmedial channel activities, Gracijano Gregorovic - Croatian TV Kanal Ri.

The event was concluded with a lively panel discussion on the topic: "Art as it happens: the views of the young", moderated by Roberto Lacarbonara, art critic and curator, during which interesting insights were offered regarding the implementation stages of the project and its dynamic and dialectic dimension.

Several partners also participated, including Rosalba Branà - Pino Pascali Museum Foundation of Polignano a Mare, Alessio Di Stefano - Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Pjeter Guralumi - University of the Arts in Tirana; Sehad Cekic - Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, Antonella Gaeta - Apulia Film Commission, as well as other operators of the cultural industry such as Giuseppe Sylos Labini - Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Tonino Cassiano - Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, Pietro Di Terlizzi - Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia, and young artists from the partner areas.

Everyone has focused on the desirability to "free art from borders" - whether cultural, political or geographical – in order to interact with a larger audience. That's why the protagonists of arTVision are young people (the artists involved must be under 40 years of age), who are at the same time "agents" and "subjects" of a transmedia, cross-border and transmodal art.

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Thursday, 05 June 2014 00:00

arTVision preview

arTVision presents arTVision: this is a showreel of our production in the first few months of arTVision's life, coming from all the TV Crews. Pieces of shootings from Veneto, Puglia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania are mixed here in a solo composition.


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