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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 15:30

Final Light Residence / Montenegro

The arTVision “Light Residence” programme concludes with a final workshop  in Montenegro

A final Light Residence will be held in Cetinje (Montenegro) from 1st to 8th July. During this workshop the students from Puglia region, Veneto region, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Albania and Montenegro will have a chance to be part of different activities and lectures from eminent regional and Montenegrin artists and filmmakers, to learn more about audio-visual industry, its current trends, challenges and opportunities, and also to shoot videos on different locations in Montenegro, including some festivals. The Residence will have technical support and supervision from the TV Crew set up by Kanal RI, arTVision partner from Rijeka.

One part of the program is devoted to closer acquaintance with film authors and their works, through various series of screenings and lectures by eminent film authors such as Vladimir Perovic and Srdjan Vuletic. They will have the chance to meet various professionals from various audio-visual areas (directors, video-artists, archivists,..).

Also, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Montenegrin National Broadcasting Service in Podgorica) and learn more about what are the challenges in finding the right place for culture and arts on TV, to learn about the process of digitization of TV in Montenegro and the other issues and topics that are related to the current and future situation of the audio-visual sector in the country and beyond.

The last days of the workshop will be marked by editing of audiovisual works which will be presented on a Final Promotional Event in the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro (institutional partner in arTVision project).

All mentioned activities and the program itself suggest the successful work and networking among participants, and improve their knowledge through the exchange of experience with the local cultural and art scene and its actors.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015 10:24

ArTVision in Vlora

The Minister of Culture of Albania Mirela Kumbaro attended the arTVision Local Promotion Meeting in Vlora, on June 12.

A Local Promotion Meeting was held in Vlorë (Hotel Vlora International) on June 12, 2015 organized by the Ministry of Culture of Albania in order to present the arTVision project to public institutions, media, civil society, artistic personalities and possible partners in one the most important cities of southern Albania.

The Ministry of Culture of Albania, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro, greeted the attendance, and underlined the importance of cooperation in contemporary art.

Mr. Piacentino Ciccarese, administrative responsible of arTViision - Puglia Region /Lead Partner, and the arTVision managers of the Ministry of Culture and the University of Arts gave a clear presentation of the project to the qualified audience, representing the most important public and private institutions in Albania in terms of artistic production and distribution, and some of the most important local media.

Artvision artists Sulejman Fani and Aurora Kalemi described their experiences during the Art in Port/Coexistence exhibitions and the making of their video installations. An important space had the possibilities of sustainability of the entire project, and the debate about the possible artistic and collaborative outcomes deriving from this project.



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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 15:27

arTVision protagonist of Synthesis

The Pino Pascali Foundation opens again after three months of restyling. To celebrate the new venue the direction launches a show called Synthesis, which includes all the projects the Foundation participated in during the last two years. Among them “arTVision – a live art channel”, which will be one of the protagonists of the opening event, foreseen on July 3rd at 7 pm.

On the occasion there will be the screening of a selection of videos shot for the IPA project arTVision, the transmedia platform for the production of audiovisual material for contemporary art, which involves young emerging artists from the five partner areas (Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia, Veneto).

Synthesis will offer a reasoned story that will give the opportunity to discover not only the documentaries dedicated to Iginio Iurilli, Fabrizio Plessi, Francesco Schiavulli, Fabrizio Bellomo, Luigi Mainolfi, Miki Carone, made by the Apulian TV Crew, but also the new art productions by Lulzim Alija, Anduela Aliko, Joseph Abate, Nika Rukavina, Maria Lucia Musca and Enrica Ciurli.

The show will also present the three short movies dedicated to Michele Giangrande, Claudia Giannuli and Pierpaolo Miccolis shot by Giuseppe Tandoi, Vito Palmieri and Alessandro Piva with the support of Apulia Film Commission, in a display that compares the documentary with the artworks selected by the Pino Pascali Foundation.  

Synthesis: from 3rd July to 30th August – Opening: 3rd July at 7 pm.

Pino Pascali Foundation - Via Parco del Lauro 119 - 70044 Polignano A Mare (Ba) - Ph/Fax: +39 080 4249534 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 07:54

Artvision in Albania

A Local Promotion Meeting, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Albania, will take place in Vlorë on Friday 12, 2015, at 10 am, at Hotel Vlora International.

In the framework of the activities for ArTVision project, the Ministry of Culture of Albania will organize on June 12, 2015, in the beautiful city of Vlorë, a local promotional meeting with the presence of the Minister of Culture of Albania, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro Furxhi and Mr. Piacentino Ciccarese from Puglia Region (rTVision Lead partner), as well as representatives of the main cultural institutions at central and local level, private institutions and personalities interested in contemporary art.

The meeting will be the occasion to present all results achieved in Albania and the expectations for the sustainability of a project which has brought together four bordering countries within the Adriatic Sea, namely Albania, Montenegro, Italy and Croatia.

The event is part of the project "arTVision. A live art channel" co-funded by the European IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007/2013, with the purpose to activate and connect the creative energy of young artists invited to participate as protagonists.

The project, led by Puglia Region - Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent, with technical support by Apulia Film Commission Foundation, involves nine more partners: Pino Pascali Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art; Veneto Region - Culture and Performing arts Section; Academy of Fine Arts of Venice; Ministry of Culture of Montenegro; Faculty of Dramatic Arts of Cetinje – Montenegro; Ministry of Culture of Albania; University of Arts of Tirana - Albania; Primorje-Gorski Kotar County – Croatia; Kanal RI - Croatia.

The project, which aims to promote cultural communication and inter-institutional interactivity between all Adriatic countries, has conducted a series of important and notable activities in Albania, such as the historical opening of the sensational facilities of the Pyramid in August 2014 for the exhibition "Coexistence- for a new Koine Adriatic", or the implementation of Light Residences, where students from academies of partner countries were able to familiarize themselves with the best practices of every reality involved, as well as many other activities.


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Wednesday, 03 June 2015 00:00

arTVision final event / future prospects

"ArTVision: A Live Art Channel", a project of cultural communication between countries of the Adriatic came to an end in Cetinje, in Montenegro. It started a new way of looking at contemporary art, in the immediacy of its own history. A reflection of the two years of work taking into consideration what has been achieved and the future prospective for the project.

"It concludes by looking at the future prospects of communication in the Adriatic for the visual and performing arts, arTVision, a highly innovative project that involved the main artistic partner countries.” Silvia Godelli, Regional Minister for the Mediterranean Culture and Tourism of Puglia Region closed the project "arTVsion - A live Art Channel", in a video message broadcast at the final event, held recently in Cetinje, Montenegro.

The deputy Minister for Culture of Montenegro Dragica Milic highlighted it was a project that has "thanks to the work of all the participating regions, stimulated processes of regional cultural integration through the exchange of experiences and ideas among institutions, universities and young artists from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Apulia and Veneto”, noting that "international cooperation and the promotion of contemporary art are the priorities of the cultural policy of Montenegro, a candidate country for EU membership."

Led by Puglia Region - Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent, the project was co-financed by the Cross border Cooperation Programme IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 These remarkable achievements have been greeted with great satisfaction, and have already been widely disseminated within the realities involved.

In Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Apulia and Veneto, five highly specialised TV Crews have been established, led by the Apulian crew and made up of professionals and young artists, to transmit "the vision of art about art", producing reports, pilot audiovisual projects, instant news on Adriatic art.

A thematic transmedia channel, this is the heart of the project, the production of the first structured "network" of transmedia artistic communication in the Adriatic area, able to show the images that come directly from the new frontiers of contemporary arts in the immediacy of their present history. The 138 audiovisual products from the five Adriatic TV Crews, the 15 short movies on the work of contemporary artists made by professional film-makers, the exhibition "Coexistence: for a new Adriatic Koine", which in a 2025 km long journey has involved the cities of Tirana, Cetinje, Rijeka, Venice, Polignano, the Light Residence, which involved 30 students from Art Academies, the participation in international festivals, are just a few of the many creative products that this common path has generated in the countries concerned .

They were joined by strategic activities for the promotion of culture in the Adriatic area: with research done on 250 cultural workers highlighting 25 examples of best practices; Future Search Conference, two days of intense meetings with the drafting of a policy document on the subject of cultural policies; digitilazation of the archive of audiovisual documentation of the Montenegrin State TV service; the preparation of the Cross Border Sustainability Plan, aimed at the sustainability of the project and the creation of a permanent network of partners, associates and broadcasters; the signing of two memoranda of understanding with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism - DG Cinema and DG Contemporary Arts – to enhance arTVision productions.

This and future prospects were discussed during the final conference, which was attended by Dragica Milic, Deputy Minister of Culture of Montenegro, Piacentino Ciccarese - Puglia Region (Lead Partner), Valerij Jureši? – Primorje-Gorski Kotar Cpunty, Decimo Poloniato – Veneto Region, Blerta Selenica - Ministry of Culture of Albania.

To complete the day there was an Art Guest Star Talk with the Montenegrin artist Aleksandar Duravcevic and lively debate between the Partners, testimony of a route that is planned to continue in the name of growth and cooperation.

There is also work to establish the arTVision TV crews as an independent legal entity and plan a possible continuation of the project within the European Programming 2014- 2020.

ArTvision partners are now busy with the organization of the next step, planned within the 72nd Venice International Film Festival (2-12 September 2015), with the best arTVision audiovisual works being awarded by a jury of experts.

For further information: arTVision_project_summary_final_results.pdf

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