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Monday, 29 September 2014 00:00

Nextwork Forum

Artvision at the Nextwork Forum in Castellaneta Marina

“ArTVision - A live art channel”, with its aim of future sustainability, will be one of the main projects of NEXTWORK, the international forum that will take place between the 2nd and the 4th October 2014 at the Nova Yardinia Resort in Castellaneta Marina (TA). The forum will create the perfect environment for public bodies, businesses and the people in charge of European cooperation projects to meet and discuss the work that is being done; and it’s here, on the 2nd of October (4.00 pm/6.00 pm), that ArTVision will show what it has achieved so far and announce what its next steps will be.

ArTVision is co-funded by the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 and is the result of a partnership led by Puglia Region – Area Policies for the promotion of territory, knowledge and talent, with technical support by Apulia Film Commission and partners involved from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia and Veneto.

At the heart of the arTVision project is an original `network` structure of artistic communication in cross-media and pan-European coverage. It is a group of interconnected television newsrooms entirely dedicated to the production and transmission of images from new frontiers of contemporary visual art.

The project’s aim is to show and express contemporary art in its country of origin and in all the countries involved in the project through a thematic cross-media channel which takes advantage of the communication networks and media infrastructure already in existence in the partner countries and which allows the free use of arTVision’s audiovisual productions.

Sustainability is the key element that will be made possible through the activation of a permanent Adriatic network between partners, associates and broadcasters which will be linked to public and private institutions that are interested in carrying out and supporting the audiovisual productions released by the five TV crews of the project.

Details on arTVision and possible opportunities for collaboration will be explained by representatives of Puglia Region (lead partner) and of Pino Pascali Foundation (partner and thematic cross-media channel activity coordinator), in the presence of the project partners.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:26

Goran Skofic

Goran Skofic is a young multimedia artist from Croatia who, reaching for modern technologies such as video and installation, addresses the problems of contemporary men in an unobtrusive way, while using his own body as a means to prompt the audience to contemplate. In addition to the body, Skofic is also intrigued by spaces which, as he says, always fascinate and inspire him.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:21

Martina Nevistic

Martina Nevistic is a young dancer, choreographer and educator who presented her own new original project, "Luna Malekova", at the fifth Perforations Festival in Zagreb. Through the character of Luna, who is actually the author's alter ego, she takes us into a world of imagination and dreams and once again examines the relationship between the dancer and the audience.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:12

Still House Group

This movie introduces the Still House Group, a crew of several artists working in New York City, trying to go beyond the global crisis and to create new strategies of co-working. The movie also describes the show at the Pino Pascali Foundation, in Polignano a Mare.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:07

Marko Markovic

A day with the Montenegrin artist Marko Markovi?, middle generation painter from Podgorica. Marko tells us about his watercolour paintings and digital illustrations as well as those things that inspire him and have that special something.
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:02

Magazzino del Sale n°3

In this video, Luigino Rossi and Francesco Mattiazzo are interviewed on the subject of the redevelopment of the "Magazzino del Sale 3", a salt warehouse that was built around the 15th century in a strategic location of the Venetian Republic. The warehouse is now a showroom for the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, placed in the context of the "Kilometro dell'Arte".

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 15:52

Fokus grupa

Fokus Grupa is an art collective formed in 2012 by Iva Kova? and Elvis Krstulovi?. They have created a multimedia installation, curated by Irena Bori? of the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia. In this video, the artists and the curator involved are interviewed, talking about their practices.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 15:37


Dunja Jankovic, the creator of the Škver Art Project, presents it as a "multimedia, social sculpture", and based on the work process. In fact, it is located in a shipyard in the small island of Lošinj, and with the years the employees have always been more involved in the Project's works of experimental art. Besides Dunja Jankovic, other artists such as Goran Škofic, Marijan Crtalic and Mario Kolaric have been interviewed.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 15:07


In the Spajalica Art Project's repertoire there are many events, workshops, lectures and public events. The idea of the artist Luiza Margan is to help people to see Rijeka from another perspective: with the help of firemen, citizens can be lifted up to a height of 21 metres, to see up close the statue on top of the Liberation Monument on the Delta in Rijeka, by Vinco Matkovic. Nina Rukavina, on the other hand, revived the neglected space of Sušak. In this video there are interviews with citizens, students, artists and with the curator of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Ksenija Orelj.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:54

Recostruction by Igor Eškinja

Reconstruction is actually a spatial installation that follows the idea that the first intervention in space actually defines our perception, and that our eyes and our experience of space and of the things in it, depend on how things are set up. In this video, the artist Igor Eškinja and the curator of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in Rijeka, are interviewed.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:33

DUEL: Agrimi/Fiorella

Two artists, Dario Agrimi and Raffaele Fiorella are interviewed here on the occasion of their show at the Foundation Pino Pascali. Different in their research and method they engage in a real “duel” that is reported by the documentary.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 13:49

Virginia Ryan: "Fluid Tales"

Virginia Ryan is a female artist who comes from Australia. However she is a traveller, a nomad. She has spent her entire life moving between Africa, Italy and the rest of the world. Her work, here represented at the Foundation Pino Pascali tells about the myth of the Siren and of Mami-Wata. At the same time the documentary is an opportunity to explore her connections with the famous African artist Frederic Bruly Bouabré.

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Monday, 15 September 2014 00:00

Call for movies

APULIA FILM COMMISSION/arTVision project, public call for the production of three documentaries

The Apulia Film Commission Foundation has issued, as part of the ArTVision Project financed by the IPA ADRIATIC CBC 2007/2013 programme, a public call for the executive production of three documentaries within the WP4 (“arTVisionmovies”: executive production of arTVision audiovisual products made by professional filmakers).

The offer addressed to “Fondazione Apulia Film Commission, Cineporti di Puglia/Bari c/o Fiera del Levante, Lungomare Starita 1, 70132 Bari”, has to be sent by courier, recorded delivery or in person by the 9th October 2014 (the post office stamp will confirm the date or if hand delivered the protocol stamp given by the Apulia Film Commission Foundation)

Download the following documents:

More information on the Apulia Film Commission website

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Friday, 12 September 2014 00:00

3rd Steering Committee Meeting

ArTVision 3rd Steering Committee Meeting and Press conference in Rijeka

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, as one of the partners of the project arTVision, hosted the two-day meeting for ten partners of the 3rd Steering Committee of the project. It is a project that brings together the four Adriatic countries – Albania, Montenegro, Italy and Croatia. The aim is to improve the promotion of art in the Member countries and improve their cooperation, as well as networking of artists and cultural actors through audiovisual productions, exhibitions, workshops and other activities. In order to achieve this goal, different channels are used, from television, web sites, social networks, museums, to public and private institutions, which provide broadcasting knowledge about contemporary art. The initiative represents the creation of the first network for broadcasting transmedia art in the Adriatic region – from Montenegro to Italy.

The project "ArTVision" is co-financed by the European Union through the programme IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation 2007-2013, and its total value amounts to 3,305,727.62 euro, of which 358,178,26 euro will be allocated to the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The estimated duration of the project is until March 2015.

Within the project 150 original audiovisual productions have been drawn up, prepared by five independent audiovisual teams operating in each of the partner countries, and 15 original audiovisual productions have been prepared by local directors. In addition, five artistic residencies will bring together about thirty students from the Academies: they will be hosted in partner countries and will participate in “art shows” held by internationally renowned artists.

The project itself includes a large number of events in the area of contemporary art, as well as the travelling exhibition "Art in Port/Coexistence: for a new Adriatic Koine", landing in five cities on the coasts of Albania, Montenegro, Italy and Croatia, which will be set up during November in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka. As stressed by the Prefect of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Zlatko Komadina, the participation of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in this project is very important.

With the accession to the European Union new frameworks of action in culture are being created, new forms of financing in culture are emerging, and such projects financed by European funds will provide better cultural development in all countries, stated Komadina, stressing that this project is an example of a new approach toward culture, where the ideas, initiatives and regional cooperation are converted into specific works of art.

A segment of contemporary art is the toughest part in planning cultural policies, since contemporary art is difficult to fit into the concept of formality, but projects like these, and the exchange of experiences with other countries will contribute to the invention of new methods for the approach to such problems in a better way, and help in the making of high-quality cultural policies according to contemporary art, said Valery Jurešic, head of Department for culture, sport and technical culture of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

Francesco Palumbo, head of the Department for the promotion of the territory, knowledge and talent of Puglia Region, Lead Partner, stressed the importance of this project, and underlined that this network will be a mixture of interrelated television channels, fully dedicated to the production and transmission of images that will push the boundaries of contemporary visual art.

Lead partner in the project is Puglia Region in Italy, with technical support by Apulia Film Commission, and other partners are the Pino Pascali Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art (Italy), the Veneto Region – Direction of cultural and performance activities, the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of Cetinje – Montenegro, the Ministry of Culture of Albania, the University of Arts from Tirana, the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and the television broadcasting company from Rijeka, Kanal Ri.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 15:37

Ivan Marusic Klif

Ivan Marusic Klif is a Croatian multimedia artist working mainly in the field of interactive installations, robotics and interactive videos. In his latest project of performative character, "Between Frequencies 2", installed at the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, the focal point of his interest is the process of creating an art event in which he employs visual, lighting and sound effects produced by "primitive" technology as part of a computer-controlled system consisting of video projectors, movable cameras and wobulators.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 15:32

Marko Tadic

Marko Tadic is a Croatian artist from the young generation who works with animation, film and drawing. "Borne by the Birds" is his experimental film created on old, long-time collected and carefully selected postcards, where we follow the journey of a man four centuries old. The film explores timeless themes and ideas that have always been in the focus of people's reflections - such as mortality, i.e. immortality.

Monday, 08 September 2014 19:04

Jovana Vujanovic

A day with the Montenegrin artist from the younger generation who will participate at the "Art in Port" exhibition: Jovana Vujanovic. The artist explains her work and lets us visit her studio and living space, presenting selected works, locations and important content she cares about.

Monday, 08 September 2014 18:51

Piccolo Mondo Antico

Piccolo Mondo Antico - Lama degli Ulivi, Monopoli

Mentioning the novel by Antonio Fogazzaro, Piccolo Mondo Antico is an exhibition conceived in a botanical garden. The curators Antonio Frugis and Roberto Lacarbonara invited there four artists: Giovanni Carpignano, Lino Sivilli, SUMO, and Giovanni Abate, who have been encouraged to compare their practices with the environment. In this case they work in a beautiful garden close to Monopoli, on the subject of the relationship between art and nature.

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Monday, 08 September 2014 18:39


Fabrizio Plessi talks about the influence of Pino Pascali on his work, in a conversation with the art critic Marco Tonelli. Plessi takes the opportunity of this video to present his artwork for the XVII Pino Pascali Art Award, also as the main work of a show at the Pino Pascali Foundation during the summer 2014. Plessi met Pascali in 1968, who became a source of inspiration for him: the artwork is a tribute to his colleague, and was named “Plescali”, a mixture of their surnames.

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