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Piovesan’s philosophy

Francesca Piovesan, showing her art in the exhibition “Coexistence: for a new Adriatic koiné” 

“In my art the skin is a natural boundary and sensitive surface”.

Venetian artist Francesca Piovesan’s philosophy in five questions interview.

What is the starting point of your work?

I use my body through a series of actions and relationships with space or with objects. Nowadays my focus is on the skin as a natural boundary and especially as sensitive surface. There is a parallelism between the skin and the photography that I use for work, they are both sensitive surfaces.

What are the tools, techniques by which you prefer to work?

Usually I use self-timer, sometimes I expose the pictures in book form or installation.

What future plans are there in your drawer?

To continue my research.

Which are the contemporary artists whose work you admire?

For several reasons I admire the work of Markus Schinwald and Wolfgang Tillmans.

What books do you read?

Now I’m reading an essay by an anthropologist about the concept of space.

Ph. Francesca Piovesan, Impressions, 2014, installation, adhesive tape, fingerprints, silver nitrate, glass plates

arTVision / 71st International Film Festival

Video documentation of the arTVision project presentation held at Veneto Region space in the Hotel Excelsior, Lido di Venezia, during the 71st international film festival.

Production: VENETO CREW - Academy of Fine Arts, Venice

Responsible local editing TV and Responsible editorial of TV broadcaster: Luigino Rossi
Coordinator and Scientific Responsible: Gaetano Mainenti
Responsible shooting Crew: Atej Tutta
Chief Camera operator: Carlo Tombola
Camera Operators: Marco Basso, Carlo Tombola, Atej Tutta
Responsible Post-production and Visual effects supervisor: Donatello Trevisiol
Chief Video Editor: Emanuele Bajo
Video Editor: Atej Tutta
Graphic Designer: Giulia de Giovanelli
Executive secretary: Valentina dall'Aquila
Translation expert: Carla Verducci
Lecturer: Maria Teresa De Gregorio, Maria Giuseppina Troccoli, Luigino Rossi, Bruno Zambardino, Carlo Tombola e Gaetano Mainenti

Any Animals

A. is driven by the overwhelming impulse to fuse himself with the book and to become as one with it. He cuts his fingertips. A. is no self-destructive man but rather he is making his touch hypersensitive, to multiply the pleasure of contact. A real sexual intercourse of his fingers and the book pages: the paper cuts through the flesh and the bodily fluids penetrate the paper. In the end the result will be a mutated A. hybridized: half man and half animal or maybe completely animal.


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