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The Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka hosted a five-day workshop titled Light Residence at the beginning of 2015. One of the lectures on the topic of LIGHT IN LANGUAGES OF ART INSTALLATION was given by the retired professor and renowned Croatian artist Goran Petercol. Students were introduced to the courses and programs relating to scenography, music and sound production as well as jewelry design that are held at the Academy.

Goran Petercol for ArTVision

The Croatian artist Goran Petercol and the musical tandem JMZM at the arTVision Light Residence.

The international Light Residence workshop "The Light Within the Language of an Art Installation" will take place from January 20 to 24, 2015 at the Academy of Applied Arts at the University of Rijeka. The workshop is organized within the European project ArTVision, with the participation of partners from Italy, Montenegro, Albania and Croatia, and the Croatian partners are Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and the broadcaster Kanal Ri.

The aim of the project is to establish contemporary art in wider public through the television media, by recording features on famous contemporary artists and their practices, but also through practical work accomplished through organized workshops for students, guided by renowned artists. Light Residence Workshop has been held so far in Italy and Albania, and the Croatian edition of the workshop will welcome five students from three countries: Italy (Academy of Fine Arts of Bari and Venice), Albania (University of Arts of Tirana), and Montenegro (Faculty of Dramatic Arts of Cetinje).

About ten students from the Academy of Applied Arts of Rijeka, attending the elective course of Scenography at the undergraduate study, and the courses of Intermedia and Scenography Spaces of the graduate study of Mediatic Art and Practice will join the participants. The main lectures at the workshop will be held by the retired professor and famous artist, Goran Petercol, who says that the light, as the topic of the workshop, is very interesting, as the students, using the light, can easily approach the problem and understand the installation media, while for those interested in the scenography space, the light represents a special challenge due to the wide range of possibilities of use. Foreign students will also have the opportunity to try courses connected to the performing arts - Jewellery Design and Costume Design.

According to the organiser of the Light Residence workshop of Rijeka, Assoc. Prof. Lara Badurina, Vice-dean for artistic and scientific activities at the Academy of Applied Arts, the students will assist to a variety of activities in the afternoon, after the lectures that will be held from 10 to 13. Among the different activities, they will see “The Demolition of the Eiffel Tower” by Jeton Neziraj at the Croatian House of Culture HKD Sušak, while the remaining days they will be assisting practical activities. The musical tandem JMZM, Josip Marši? and Zoran Medved, will hold a series of lectures for students that will concentrate on the topic of creation, production and usage of sound in different artistic environments (live concerts, theatre sounds, film sounds...); guided by the professor Petercol, the students will create a template for a film or a show in the premises of the Academy.

The students’ works will be presented during the following semester, at one of the next exhibitions at the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka.

Light residence in Rijeka

The relationship between light and art installation in the five days of Light Residence and Art Show – Languages of Art Installations in Rijeka from January 20th to 24th, 2015.

This is the third step of the program of artistic residencies held in the countries involved in arTVision project, that feature young artists in training, students of the Academy of Fine Arts called to participate in the construction of five "art show" taught by internationally renowned artists, to multiply the visions and work together.

The Light Residence in Rijeka will be held at the Academy of Applied Arts (Slavka Krautzeka 83 - Trsat University Campus) and hosted by the Academy’s retired professor and renowned Croatian artist Goran Petercol.

After introduction, the participants will be presented with the teaching programs of Academy’s courses Scenography, Costume Design and Jewelry Design. The content of the workshop will also include a presentation of institutions  taking part in ArTVision project,  such as Primorje Gorski-Kotar County, Kanal Ri and MMSU, as well as institutions that the Academy of Applied Arts cooperates with in development of art and performance programs, such as the Ivan Zajc National Theatre.

The workshop includes five lectures with projections that are also the topics for the practical work.  The lectures discuss the processes of lighting:

•                Light makes things visible:

•                Illuminated area creates a form

•                Source of light has a form

•                Difference in amount of light

•                Light is colour

The practical work is based on the given topics, but starts from individual positions of the workshop participants. For the participants the aim is to realize that their previous creative experience is as valuable as the lecture topics. Each day a lecture topic is explored, individually or in teams. Bearing in mind that the duration of the workshop is quite short, it is important to note that the best results will probably not be achieved within that time, but later, in continuation of the process within regular classes.

The general aim of the workshop is to introduce the participants to the existing models of creation and offer them support in developing individual solutions. 


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