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Light Residencies 5 - Venice

“Languages of the audiovisual”: this is the title of the fifth “Light Residence” of the project arTVision, which will take place from March 9th to 13th at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. This is a very important step of the program of artistic residencies held in the countries involved in arTVision project, that feature young artists in training, students of the Academies of Fine Arts called to partecipate in the construction of five "art shows" taught by internationally renowned artists.

Production: VENETO CREW - Academy of Fine Arts, Venice
Responsible local editing TV & Responsible editorial of TV broadcaster: Luigino Rossi
Coordinator and Scientific Responsible: Gaetano Mainenti
Responsible shooting Crew: Atej Tutta
Chief Camera operator: Carlo Tombola
Camera Operators: Samir Sayed Abdellattef, Massimiliano De Domenighi, Irene Toniolo
Responsible Post-production and Visual effects supervisor: Donatello Trevisiol
Chief Video Editor: Emanuele Bajo
Video Editor: Chiara Missaggia
Sound: Matteo Shenkel, Francesco Agnelli
Executive secretary: Valentina dall'Aquila
Translation expert: Carla Verducci
Secretary assistant: Laura Martina, Vanessa Ignoti, Licia Perna, Ilenia Savegnago, Chiara Missaggia
Guest: Aurora Kalemi (Albania, Bojan Stijovic (Montenegro), Dajana Jurman Osip (Croazia), Romina Tomini? (Croazia), Francesca Macina (Italia), Pasquale Mocerino (Italia)

Date of delivery: April 9th, 2014

Spazio Punch

Spazio Punch is art, fashion, publishing, architecture and contemporaneity, since 2011. A non-profit organization on the Giudecca island (Venice), in a former warehouse of spirits and beer, Spazio Punch investigates plans and organizes exhibitions, cultural events and meetings.

arTVision Award @ Venice Days

The arTVision Award at The Venice International Film Festival. The three best project videos will be awarded prizes by a panel of experts on 5th September

The project “arTVision. A live art channel” arrives at the Venice Biennale. During the 72nd edition of the Venice International Film Festival (2nd – 12th September 2015) the three best audio-visual works produced by the five partner territories - Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia and Veneto - will be awarded prizes by a panel of prestigious experts, representatives of the world of cinema, the arts, media and institutions.

The jury, chaired by Maria Giuseppina Troccoli (head of Production, Distribution, Operations and Technical Industries of the General Direction for Cinema of MiBACT (Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism), includes Giuseppe Ghigi (movie critic), Roberto Pisoni (editor of Sky Arte HD) and Antonello Tolve (researcher and art critic).

The initiative follows the Protocol Agreement signed by Puglia Region and Veneto Region with the General Direction for Cinema of MiBACT, to spread the artistic production of the project and promote its sustainability in the medium and long term.

The presentation of the works and the awarding of the three winners (one per category) will take place within the Venice Days / Giornate degli Autori , an independent event on the fringes of the Venice Film Festival. The Award Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, September 5 at 18.00 at the Villa degli Autori (Lungomare Marconi, 56 - Lido di Venezia).

The event, organized by Puglia Region and Apulia Film Commission Foundation, will be attended by: Gianni Liviano, regional Minister of Tourism and Cultural Industry - Puglia Region; Cristiano Corazzari, regional Minister of Culture, City Planning and Security – Veneto Region; Paola Di Salvatore, Managing Authority IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007/2013 – Abruzzo Region; Francesco Palumbo, Director Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent – Puglia Region; Maurizio Sciarra, President - Apulia Film Commission Foundation; Maria Giuseppina Troccoli, President of the jury - MiBACT General direction for Cinema. The Ceremony will be chaired by Ileana Inglese, Communication manager arTVision project.

The Award categories are the following:

1. Best short-movie from a total of 15 produced within the project;

2. Best video/documentary from a total of 138 produced within the project;

3. Best artist video from a total of 138 produced within the project.

These are the video finalists:

- for the category short movie: “Dimension” directed by Mirela Oktrova and Edmond Topi (Albania); “Delta – An Affluence of Arts” directed by Marin Lukanovi? (Croatia); “Prelude for Sniper” directed by Danilo Marunovic (Montenegro); “Le pareti di vetro” directed by Vito Palmieri (Puglia); “La parola, lo sguardo e il gesto. Ritratto di tre giovani artiste venete” directed by Chiara Andrich (Veneto);

- for the category video/documentary: “Coexistence: for a new Adriatic koinè - Tirana”, produced by TV Crew Albania; “Mirko Zrinscak” produced TV Crew Croatia; “Coexistence: for a new Adriatic koinè - Cetinje”, produced by TV Crew Montenegro; “Torre Guaceto”, produced by TV Crew Puglia; “"Teatro Fondamenta Nuove" produced by TV Crew Veneto;

- for the category artist video: “Autoportret+”, author Jonida Balliu (TV Crew Albania); “Total Immersion”, author Maria Lucia Musca (TV Crew Puglia); “Ginger", author Giuseppe Abate (TV Crew Veneto).

"ArTVision. A live art channel" is a pilot project that puts innovation in inter-cultural communication between Adriatic countries as its strategic priority. It aims to promote local talent globally, to promote artists and their work, and to produce and spread innovative audiovisual formats in the Adriatic area. The heart of the project is the creation of a thematic transmedia channel, offering original, high quality contents on the full range of contemporary arts. Co-financed by the IPA Adriatic Cross border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 ‘, arTVision is led by Puglia Region - Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent, with technical support from the Apulia Film Commission Foundation and the involvement of partners from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia, Veneto.


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 “arTVision. A live art channel” is a project that promotes innovation in interactive, cultural and inter-institutional communication among Adriatic and European countries. The aim is to give maximum visibility to artworks, locally produced but with a high communicative value at international level, so as to make them accessible to a wide audience. Read more

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