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Short movies on Sky Art

Sky Art HD will transmit the short movies produced by Apulia Film Commission within the IPA project “arTVision. A live art channel” and dedicated to Claudia Giannuli, Michele Giangrande and Pierpaolo Miccolis, the three artists selected by the Pino Pascali Foundation, partners of the European project. The titles of the movies are: "Odyssey Dandy" by Giuseppe Tandoi, "Contro Natura" by Alessandro Piva and "Le pareti di vetro" by Vito Palmieri; the films will be broadcasted on the thematic channel Sky Art HD from Monday, April 18 for three consecutive Mondays, at 7.45 p.m.

ArTVision-Art Affluence / Croatia

ArTVision short movies were screened in Art-kino Croatia (Rijeka, Krešimirova 2), on 20th of January 2016.

A movie evening under the name “ArTVision - Art Affluence “ was held on Wednesday, 20th January 2016 at the Art-Cinema Croatia. The initiative consisted of a series of short documentary movies, exploring the theme of contemporary art, produced in the framework of the European project “ArTVision. A live art channel“, which includes four Adriatic countries - Albania, Montenegro, Italy and Croatia, with the purpose of enhancing the promotion of contemporary art within Member States and improve their cooperation, as well as networking among artists and cultural actors, through common productions, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other activities.

The program presented the Albanian movie “Dimension“ by Mirela Oktrova and Edmond Topi, followed by the Italian movies “Le pareti di vetro“ (“Glass walls“) by the author Vito Palmieri and “La parola, lo sguardo e il gesto“ (“Word, glance and gesture“) by author Chiara Andrich, then the Montenegrin movie “Prelude for Sniper“ by Danilo Marunovi?, as well as the Croatian movie “Delta - An Affluence of Arts“, by the author Marin Lukanovi?, created in co-production with Filmaktiv and the Primorsko-Goranska County, who won the award for best documentary movie in a parallel part of the program of the Venice Film Festival, last September.

The ArTVision Project began in 2013 and was concluded in January this year. The Croatian partners of the Project are the Primorsko - Goranska County and Kanal RI, while the external partners are the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. The leading partner is the Italian Region of Puglia, while the other partners are the Museum of Contemporary Art Pino Pascali, Region of Veneto, the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, the Ministry of Culture of Albania, as well as the University of Arts in Tirana.

arTVision corner in Tirana

An arTVision corner was inaugurated this morning in Tirana by the Ministry of Culture of Albania, in order to promote the project and enhance its sustainability.

The Ministry of Culture of Albania, in the framework of the traditional reception given in honour of the cultural journalists and media institutions, inaugurated an “Artvision” corner in the ambiences of its pressroom, on Tuesday 22, 2015. The corner, intended to be permanent, will contain all the hardcopy material produced for the IPA funded project “Artvision”.

A selection of all the visual production will be shown during the opening hours of the Institution, and arTVision artists, as well as other emerging artists from Albania and the partner countries, will be welcomed to enrich in the future this corner with their own works and publications, fulfilling in this way the objectives of sustainability of the whole project.

The inauguration of this corner attests the great consideration of the Ministry of Culture of Albania for the important message in terms of artistic collaboration contained in the arTVision objectives, aimed at structuring a close dialogue between cross border nations, tracking common cultural characteristics and differences that distinguish the populations sharing the Mediterranean Adriatic.

For this reasons, emerging artists from Albania, Croatia, Italy (Veneto and Puglia) and Montenegro had the opportunity to expose their production (video, paintings, installations. etc.) in travelling exhibitions in the partner counties. Many other art students had the opportunity to share and exchange their experiences in light residences, trying to overthrow the existing wall of misunderstandings and stereotypes, and establishing future collaborations and cultural networks.

The project "arTVision. A live art channel", funded under the European Programme IPA Adriatic CBC 2007/2013 is led by the Puglia Region - Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talents, with technical support of the Apulia Film Commission, and involves as partners: Pino Pascali Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, Polignano a Mare (IT); Veneto Region - Culture and Performing arts Section (IT); Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (IT); Ministry of Culture of Montenegro (IT); Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (MNE); Ministry of Culture of Albania (AL); University of the Arts in Tirana (AL); Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia (HR); Kanal RI- Croatian TV (HR).


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