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arTVision | TV Crew Veneto

Teodora Nikcevic

A day with the Montenegrin artist of the younger generation: Teodora Nikcevic. In the video, the artist gives an account of her life-long passion of photography, and how it developed from familiar environments and her studies, to the experimental approach and installations.


Is it a body armoured with some text, or is the body of the text being armoured? The certain thing is that to arm the body with some text you have to first arm yourself with the body of the text. What you need is a book from which to tear out some pages, then some thread, and not to get lost. During the slow dressing stage, you have to tie the thread. It will come in handy to let the armour adhere to the body - the body of the text is disarming.

Light Recipes

A recipe book is thumbed in its entirety. Pictures of food run fast. The look nourishes, it satiates itself... Or is it just an illusion? Thoughts about the Culture of Images.


A Live Art Channel

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 “arTVision. A live art channel” is a project that promotes innovation in interactive, cultural and inter-institutional communication among Adriatic and European countries. The aim is to give maximum visibility to artworks, locally produced but with a high communicative value at international level, so as to make them accessible to a wide audience. Read more

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