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Final Light Residence / Montenegro

The arTVision “Light Residence” programme concludes with a final workshop  in Montenegro

A final Light Residence will be held in Cetinje (Montenegro) from 1st to 8th July. During this workshop the students from Puglia region, Veneto region, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Albania and Montenegro will have a chance to be part of different activities and lectures from eminent regional and Montenegrin artists and filmmakers, to learn more about audio-visual industry, its current trends, challenges and opportunities, and also to shoot videos on different locations in Montenegro, including some festivals. The Residence will have technical support and supervision from the TV Crew set up by Kanal RI, arTVision partner from Rijeka.

One part of the program is devoted to closer acquaintance with film authors and their works, through various series of screenings and lectures by eminent film authors such as Vladimir Perovic and Srdjan Vuletic. They will have the chance to meet various professionals from various audio-visual areas (directors, video-artists, archivists,..).

Also, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Montenegrin National Broadcasting Service in Podgorica) and learn more about what are the challenges in finding the right place for culture and arts on TV, to learn about the process of digitization of TV in Montenegro and the other issues and topics that are related to the current and future situation of the audio-visual sector in the country and beyond.

The last days of the workshop will be marked by editing of audiovisual works which will be presented on a Final Promotional Event in the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro (institutional partner in arTVision project).

All mentioned activities and the program itself suggest the successful work and networking among participants, and improve their knowledge through the exchange of experience with the local cultural and art scene and its actors.

Languages of Film Music Art Star Vito Lo Re

Tirana’s Light Residence video was made during the Art Show with Vito Lo Re, composer, conductor, music publisher and music arranger, who creates music for films, documentaries, TV adverts and TV programs. Apart from his interactive lectures based on the topic of languages of film music, Vito Lo Re along with young Albanian musicians prepared his Art Show, pursuing a “trip” accompanied by his compositions of audiovisual productions.


The Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka hosted a five-day workshop titled Light Residence at the beginning of 2015. One of the lectures on the topic of LIGHT IN LANGUAGES OF ART INSTALLATION was given by the retired professor and renowned Croatian artist Goran Petercol. Students were introduced to the courses and programs relating to scenography, music and sound production as well as jewelry design that are held at the Academy.


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