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Biennal of Montenegrin Theatre

The Montenegrin TV Crew visited the Montenegrin Theater Biennale which is organized biannually by the Montenegrin National Theatre. Actors, directors and theatre workers share thoughts about the Biennale theatre and plays.

Montenegro Light Residence

Five days to deepen the knowledge of theatre

“Language of the Theatre": this is the title of the fourth "Light Residence" of the project arTVision which will take place at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of Cetinje (Montenegro) from March 2nd to 6th. This is a very important step of the program of artistic residencies held in the countries involved in arTVision project, that feature young artists in training, students of the Academy of Fine Arts called to participate in the construction of five "art show" taught by internationally renowned artists.

The art-star Paolo Magelli, theatre director, will discuss the following themes:

- Place of the theatre in modern day life

- Theatre as the language of expression of marginalized groups

- Theatre and community

- Theater as documentary

He also plays main role in theater play “Njegos and me”, dedicated to the most important person in Montenegrin history: Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The students will have the chance to be with Mr. Magelli on the preparation of the theater stage, all the rehearsals and during the performance. During the Light Residence in Montenegro students from Puglia, Veneto, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and Albania will have a chance to know the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje and the theatre scene in Montenegro.

They will visit and attend plays in the two most important theater houses in Montenegro: the Montenegrin National Theatre in Podgorica and the Royal Theatre Zetskidom in Cetinje. Professor Petar Pejakovic will show them aroind Kotor city, the children’s theatre and the open space theatre in Kotor. During their stay in Montenegro, the students will visit the most important cultural institutions in Montenegro: Ministry of Culture, National Museum, King Nicola’s home, Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, etc.

The general aim of the workshop is to introduce the participants to the theatre language of expression of marginalized groups

Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

The Teatro Fondamenta Nuove is one of excellence in the field of culture in the Veneto Region. 

This video describes some of the main activities in the fields of music, dance and theatre. It also documents the recent workshop / video installation "state-theatre / translokal #3"

Production: VENETO CREW - Academy of Fine Arts, Venice

Responsible local editing TV and Responsible editorial of TV broadcaster: Luigino Rossi
Coordinator and Scientific Responsible: Gaetano Mainenti
Responsible shooting Crew: Atej Tutta
Chief Camera operator: Carlo Tombola
Camera Operators: Gianluca Giusto e Stefano Leoni
Video concert coverage: Paolo Burato
Responsible Post-production and Visual effects supervisor: Donatello Trevisiol
Chief Video Editor: Emanuele Bajo
Video Editor: Anna Marangon e Alice Musi
Graphic Designers: Giulia de Giovanelli e Stefano Leoni
Sound: Matteo Schenkel
Executive secretary: Valentina dall'Aquila
Secretary assistant: Licia Perna
Translation expert: Carla Verducci
Actors and Guests: Enrico Bettinello, Ilaria Dalle Donne, Marta Dalla Via, Simone Derai, Silvia Gribaudi, Marco Menegoni


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